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12,000,000 DEFI Burning, 200,000$ De.Fi Quest 2 Prizepool & More! (Late February Development Update)

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Our journey within February 2024 in web3 space has been marked by groundbreaking updates, new major partnerships, increasing De.Fiers engagement and MORE! This month was essential for us in terms of providing a cutting-edge experience to each community member. 

Let’s dive into the milestones we achieved in the last 2 weeks 👇 

DEFI Burning 12M ($3.5M worth of DEFI)

We are pleased to announce that we will initiate the burning of 12,000,000 DEFI tokens, equating to $3,500,000 USD at current market value! 

Starting this week, our team will embark on the strategic burning of DEFI tokens, which is aimed at fostering the long-term growth of De.Fi and enhancing the value proposition for our De.Fi Army!

Starting this week, we will burn 1/8th of the total portion and will continue doing this for 8 weeks until the total of 12,000,000 DEFI tokens are burnt!

The burn of $3,500,000 USD worth of DEFI tokens is just the first burning wave of many to come!

We doubled the Prizepool of De.Fi Quest 2: Now it’s over 200,000$!

YES, we have decided to DOUBLE De.Fi Quest 2 Prize pool. The dedication of every De.Fier in our De.Fi Quest 2 is unbelievable, and as our appreciation to all participants, we’ve decided to DOUBLE the prize pool. 9 weeks and 60 tasks attracted thousands of community members from the whole world. All members of our De.Fi Family were engaged in each task of the quest. They discovered the whole list of opportunities and new features of the De.Fi ecosystem landscape.

Additionally, we’re excited to announce that more quests are on the horizon, promising even more opportunities and challenges for our community. Stay tuned for the upcoming adventures! Moreover, the winners of the De.Fi Quest 2 will be announced in just a few days!

Binance Square x De.Fi

We’re thrilled to share the news that we’ve officially received verification on Binance Square! This step marks the start of a long-term partnership with the respected Binance Square team. Together, we will be supporting each other’s media efforts and providing community incentivization! This collaboration is all about working closely with Binance Square!

Stay tuned with our one and only officially verified account On Binance Square -> 

Starknet Integration

We’re teaming up with Starknet to take a big step forward and offer a new level of experience for each De.Fier. Our goal is to improve the community members’ experience and provide coverage for the whole web3 sphere. This includes expanding the De.Fi ecosystem & its dApps, analytics, bridge, staking opportunities, chains, and utilities. Updating ground features like SocialFi Dashboard, De.Fi Shield & more to help protect assets with strong security measures.

We’re creating a space where you can find everything you need to secure your crypto assets, aiming to make the process of using Defi easier, safer, and more exciting for everyone.

De.Fi in Academics

In the past few years, we’ve led academic research at many universities. Our open-source data and fast-working De.Fi Scanner are now used by teachers and students at more than 50 esteemed institutions. Some of these educational establishments include the University of London, the University of Montreal, the National University of Singapore, and the University of Washington and MORE!

De.Fi Memes contest

Just a few days back, we wrapped up our De.Fi Meme Contest, which was a huge hit! Crypto enthusiasts from all corners of the globe were engaged to show off their creativity by making memes about De.Fi and the web3 sphere. It was an exciting event that brought together thousands of participants. They unleashed their imagination, combining humor with their knowledge of crypto, to create memes that were both funny and insightful.

And now, we want to share the list of the winners!











Looking Ahead: The Future of De.Fi in 2024

February 2024 has been an eventful month for us, marked by significant updates, new partnerships, and increased community engagement. Highlights include the burning of 12 million DEFI tokens, valued at $3.5 million, synergy with Starknet and Binance Square. We’ve also doubled the De.Fi Quest 2 prize pool to $200,000, rewarding our De.Fi Fam. Academic institutions worldwide have using our open-source data, furthering research and education in web3. 

Stay tuned with all of our updates to be in touch with the cutting-edge De.Fi Features.

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