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2,000,000 $DEFI burned, Major Partnerships, De.Fi AI Score & MORE! – Late March Development Update

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March was the month of grand milestones: partnerships with large Tier-1 projects, approximately 2,000,000 $DEFI burned, and more groundbreaking achievements. This month was crucial in offering the experience that De.Fiers have never felt before. Let’s dive into the depth and look around cutting-edge updates.

De.Fi Accelerator

Last week, we took the wraps off of our upcoming De.Fi Accelerator –  a platform that will redefine the way of engaging with the web3 universe. If you’ve somehow missed this revelation, it’s time to tune in because you’re overlooking a masterpiece that’s shaping the future of crypto. This Accelerator isn’t just a new feature, it’s your opportunity to get early access in the defi landscape, offering a unique entry into BRC20 tokens, restaking, and L2 unicorns.

Check De.Fi Accelerator here ->

2,000,000 $DEFI burned

Within the last two weeks, we burned approximately 2,000,000 $DEFI tokens. This burning is merely the beginning of a series of strategic token burns designed to foster long-term growth and improve the overall value proposition.

Within the next weeks, we will burn ~9,000,000 $DEFI, and the whole list of waves will be shared across our social media channels.

$DEFI burn txs:

• 160,000 DEFI:…
• 177,000 DEFI:…
• 184,000 DEFI:…
• 164,000 DEFI:…
• 160,000 DEFI:…
• 182,000 DEFI:…
• 155,000 DEFI:

Major partnerships and joint development

Recently, we partnered with pioneering projects like QuickSwap, Symbiosis, and PlenaFinance, marking a significant step in our mission to enhance the De.Fi Ecosystem. These collaborations not only broaden our range of opportunities but also reinforce our commitment to fostering a more accessible and efficient ecosystem for our De.Fi Family. Through these strategic partnerships, we’re setting the stage for a more interconnected and innovative De.Fi landscape.

You can check announcements of partnerships here:

• QuickSwap –
• PlenaFinance –
• SobajaSwap –
• Symbiosis –

De.Fi AI Score

De.Fi AI Score is far from just the usual AI tool, it stands out as the world’s first AI assistant specifically designed to offer detailed insights into vulnerabilities in smart contracts. AI Score evaluates tens of dynamic and static factors to highly precise code safety. We present the cutting-edge feature, saving millions of dollars daily.

Five main aspects:
• Reputation – an on-chain analyzer uses algorithms to scan transaction data, highlighting suspicious activities and developer behaviors.
• Utility – this metric evaluates a token’s practical usage. A low score means it’s mostly used for trading, while a high score shows diverse uses, indicating its value in web3 sphere.
• Sybil – ERC20 on-chain Sybil detector improves the AI Score by identifying fraudulent trading patterns indicative of manipulation.
• Organic Behavior – an AI-powered token analyzer identifies genuine versus artificial or malicious activities in ERC20 tokens, detecting patterns related to bot operations, phishing, or fraud.
• Swapping Analytics Breakdown – the health and integrity of trading on DEXes by analyzing trading patterns and liquidity. It scores activities, with higher indicating more transparent and trustworthy trading environments.

Brand-new Multichain and Quest 2 badges

The newly introduced Multichain Badges recognize users’ expertise across blockchain platforms:

• Multichain Specialist: for those who are holding assets in 9+ EVM chains

• Multichain Virtuoso: awarded for assets in 12+ EVM chains

• CEXpert: for users connecting 3+ CEX accounts

These badges are more than just achievements. They’re a way to showcase your blockchain expertise and prepare for upcoming De.Fi opportunities.

100 big names on board with De.Fi

We kicked off March with the announcement of 100 big names partnering with us. Tier-1 exchanges, the world’s well-known press, and blockchains. Collaboration with tens of best of the best projects, exchanges, KOLs, and blockchains defines our dedication to expanding De.Fi Ecosystem and providing the cutting-edge experience that De.Fiers never got before. 

Eth Seoul and new connections 

We are excited to announce our participation in ETH Seoul, a landmark event in the crypto community. Fellow De.Fiers, this is your chance to meet us in person and dive deep into the defi landscape. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with us at ETH Seoul. We’re looking forward to engaging with our De.Fi Family and sharing insights on De.Fi’s future.

Near future and pioneering experience

The future is not just approaching – it’s already here, reshaping our reality daily. With each passing month, we hit new milestones that significantly enhance the experience of our De.Fi Family, marking a period of unprecedented growth and innovations. 

These achievements reflect our commitment to not only enhancing the De.Fi Ecosystem but also contributing to the evolution of the entire crypto landscape. By continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, we are setting new standards for what the community can expect, ensuring that the future of defi is brighter and more accessible for everyone involved.

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