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Early February Update: 3.8 Million DEFI Airdrop & New Major Listings!

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We have achieved a series of groundbreaking developments in the first two weeks of February 2024. The most anticipated Airdrop of the month, the fastest-growing Swap platform, and 220+ countries worldwide officially using De.Fi. Let’s dive into the entire storyline. 

De.Fi Airdrop Season 1 

In De.Fi Airdrop Season 1, we have airdropped 3,800,000 DEFI tokens to say a big Thank You to everyone who’s been with us. The tokens were airdropped into two main groups: Diamond Hands and SocialFi active supporters.

Some users even received over $8,000 as Airdrop!

Read more about our De.Fi Airdrop Season 1 – 

Check your eligibility for De.Fi Airdrop Season 1 –

Now, we’re excited to tell you about De.Fi Airdrop Season 2. If you stake DEFI tokens, you’ll have a higher chance of qualifying for the next Airdrop Seasons.

We introduced a way to DOUBLE your DEFI tokens in just one click!

$DEFI Staking – the key to the De.Fi landscapes. 

In our recent updates, we have upgraded the $DEFI Staking to the next level. Everyone can now get:

• Up to 60% APR

• Opportunity to take part in the next Airdrop Seasons

• The features of $DEFI token utilities. 

$DEFI is a key element in the whole De.Fi ecosystem. Totally free access to the De.Fi Pro, which helps you to keep your funds safe, De.Fi launchpads and it is only the start of major updates.  

We announced a complete DEFI Utility Map!

We have announced 9 Key Utility for the $DEFI token. You can get access to the Loyalty Program, which brings discounts on our partners’ platforms, free access to the De.Fi Pro, which contains upcoming De.Fi Pro Scanner and De.Fi Pro Shield V2 and more! 

All the features are available just in one click -> “Stake $DEFI”

We Partnered with CoinMarketCap!

The global community is invited to explore the potential of $DEFI, and we’re excited to announce that CoinMarketCap Academy has featured the essential elements of De.Fi in their latest Academy Edition. 

CoinMarketCap has a comprehensive guide to the DeFi Tool Suite, providing users with an in-depth understanding of its functionalities and benefits.

All the details can be found here ->

De.Fi Swap hit over $500,000,000 USD in Trading Score 

De.Fi Swap has quickly become the leading Web3 Swap, known for its speed and ease of use. Entirely free of Fees, it showed a significant increase, becoming twice bigger in trading volume now compared to the last quarter of 2023. 

This growth highlights $DEFI Swap’s rising popularity and effectiveness in the DeFi space. 

We hit over 5,000,000 users on our platform!

De.Fi is being used in almost EVERY country around the globe. On February 9th, our platform hit a big goal by getting 5,000,000 unique users. This shows that more and more people are engaging in the usage of our platform.

  • OVER 20,000 cities
  • OVER 180 countries 
  • OVER 40 geographical regions

are using De.Fi every day. More than 1,000,000 have already completed the requirements and got the “Verified” status.

DEFI Ecosystem Map

$DEFI Ecosystem Map – a comprehensive reach of $DEFI Token across the Crypto world that includes dApps, analytics, bridge, staking opportunities, chains, utilities, and more!

You have the opportunity to easily discover and understand all the features and collaborations within the entire ecosystem. This means you can dive deep into how everything works together and learn about the various partnerships. x ByBit & Bitget Spaces

The start of the month was quite eventful. More than 5500 people visited our Spaces with ByBit and Bitget. We discussed the DeFi growth, future plans, and the $DEFI staking opportunities. Our speakers cover the whole Web3 sphere so that we get the opinions of professionals.

  • Kelly Kellam – BitLab Academy Director
  • Tom Dunleavy – Partner/CIO @ MV Capital
  • Stephen | DeFi Dojo – Founder of DeFi Dojo
  • Joe McCann – CEO of Asymmetric
  • Anoothi – Head of Liquid Staking Business StaderLabs

Here, you can find the recording for the ByBit and Bitget Spaces 

What’s Next: Exciting Changes Coming Up

We’ve provided some amazing updates in De.Fi. First, we launched a massive airdrop giving 3,800,000 $DEFI tokens to our active supporters and stakers. De.Fi Airdrop 2 were introduced, in which you can make your chances higher by $DEFI staking. 

De.Fi Swap hit over 500,000,000$ in trading volume, and it continues to grow. 

It’s a great February weeks, but we’re just getting started. We’ve got more exciting updates and news that are coming up.

Stay tuned for new milestones!

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