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BREAKING: $25,000 De.Fi Quest is LIVE! How to Participate? (Step-by-Step)

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Announcing the $25,000 De.Fi Quest Challenge!! Now LIVE! Be the first to sign up and get early access to a chance of Winning prizes up to $25,000. All levels qualify from beginner to seasoned Web3 users!

Complete the task and qualify to WIN BIG! Many Lucky Winners will be chosen, but only one will WIN the Top PRIZE! That could be You!

(🚀 Pay attention to the insight at the bottom of the guide!)


In the Quest, the 4 Levels are presented — and each level has its own, unique NFT. At the end of the Quest, you will be able to mint the NFT that you finished the Quest with. For example:

A Player who finished the Quest with the 2nd Level, will mint the “Robot with Diamonds” NFT. A player who finished the Quest with the 3rd Level, will be able to mint the “Robot on Boat” NFT, and so on!

Complete Quest’s Tasks daily to get More Points and Increase your Level for a better NFT! 👀

Improve your NFTs! 🚀

Quest Guide

  1. Signing up for the Quest
  • First


  • Last step: verify your Twitter by clicking on this yellow button and following the instructions from the pop up
  • Make sure to copy the Twitter link provided to you in the pop up and place that in your Twitter profile as a weblink. You can remove it later if you like once the Quest is over.
  • Once this step is complete go back to the Quest page, click on verify Twitter, add your @handle and click Verify.
  • It should Verify you and Turn Green once complete.


  • Congratulations! Now you are all set! Let’s start the Quest!

[Please note that the order of completing the Quest Mission described further in Guide doesn’t matter. You can complete the tasks in whatever order you like.]

2. Scanner

  • Let’s get started with the Scanner Mission!


  • The point of this task is to find 3 smart contracts (can be either Tokens or NFTs) with a De.Fi Safety Score lower than 50. For that, let’s navigate to the Scanner Tool (you can find it on left bar)


  • Now you have 2 ways to scan tokens and NFTs — either by inserting the smart contract of the token/NFT you want to scan manually or by simply clicking on previously scanned tokens which will be listed for you in the following 3 categories.


  • Remember Your goal is to find 3 contracts with a De.Fi Safety Score lower than 50.
  • Secret Tip: shush! You can select 3 tokens from the Latest Exploit Category. Don’t tell anyone we told you.
  • After that, return to the main Quest Tab, refresh the page, and the task will be marked as Completed!


3. Shield

  • Now let’s tackle the next Mission: the Shield!
  • The point of this task is to revoke 3 approvals that you have with your wallet. For that, let’s navigate to the Shield Tool (you can find it on left bar, ju


  • Once you’re here, be sure to review all the Red High-Risk alerts detected by the Revoke tool. Take your time and read through the issues found.
  • Then select 3 High-Risk smart contracts that you would like to revoke
  • Simply click on the “Revoke” to revoke the Approval and Protect Yourself from High-risk and malicious smart contracts! Once you revoke 3 approvals, the task will be completed!

4. Explore Yields

  • Now on to the next Mission: Explore Yields!


  • Talk about Jackpot! You might enjoy this one.
  • Buckle up as we begin to navigate through one of the Biggest APR Aggregators— Explore Yields (can be found on the left bar)


  • Now simply share the link to Explore Yields on Twitter! Be sure to tag @dedotfi!
  • Extra points if you mention your favorite APY Yield of the Day!


5. Swap

  • Swap task is pretty simple: the more you swap — the more points you can collect. So swap for as many days as you can and fill up your bag of points all the way to the top! 30 Days of swapping is not mandatory but it certainly wouldn’t hurt your towering bag of points.
  • Below we explain how to do it:


  • Navigate to the Swap tab


  • Choose the blockchain you would like to swap on, choose the token pair, and start swapping! Your swapping volume will be reset to 0 daily, so swapping daily might not be a bad decision!
  • Swap Daily as often as you can till the end of March. Bank those points!
  • Making you a step closer to more crypto rewards.


6. Your Affiliates

Use your invite code to invite as many friends of yours to sign up for the Quest as possible! The more affiliates you have that join — the more points you receive.

If you have a Youtube channel, share it with your viewers.

If you have a community on Twitter, Discord or Telegram, feel free to share and invite your friends to join for a fair and equal chance at winning up to $25,000.

More friends that sign up via your code, the more points you get rewarded with. Enjoy!

Sometimes it Pays to have a few friends. (Every pun intended)


7. Daily Reward

Come back to the Quest daily and claim your free points, only available every 24h!


Rumors say that using **De.Fi Dashboard **daily will greatly increase your chance to win 😉🤫

Have any Questions?

Feel free to ask them in our **Telegram Chat) or [Twitter](**! And we will answer them!


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