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De.Fi Accelerator, 4 DEFI BuyBack mechanisms, Token2049 & MORE!

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March was a month of numerous achievements, and now it’s time to share and discuss them! Our primary goal is to ensure in the security of De.Fiers’ experience in the web3 space, and we’re committed to this mission every day. The De.Fi Accelerator, $DEFI BuyBack mechanisms, and a multitude of major partnerships are just the initial steps in our journey. Rest assured, we’re constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of the web3 space. Explore the latest updates and pioneering developments 👇

De.Fi Accelerator Launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our DeFi Accelerator, a groundbreaking platform that bridges the gap between web3 projects and retail investors. Exclusively available to De.Fiers, it offers a unique opportunity to participate in early-stage funding of innovative web3 initiatives. Simply visit to connect your wallet, verify your rank, and gear up for the sale. 

Over 1,700 BRC20, AI, and Layer-2 projects were reviewed to find the best ones and share them with you. Within the upcoming days, we will announce which project will be the first to be incubated by De.Fi Accelerator.

Check your rank and take part in De.Fi Accelerator here ->

De.Fi – the World’s first SuperApp that synergizes with ALL major crypto exchanges

We are proud to announce that De.Fi has become the first Web3 SuperApp to synergize with all the major crypto exchanges. This is not only about inclusion but also about leading the way in defi landscape by providing unparalleled accessibility and functionality. 

In our De.Fi SocialFi, you can access all major exchanges from 1 single page:











Our team is currently working on enhancing the capabilities of our SuperApp to offer a pioneering experience to our esteemed De.Fi Family. We are focused on incorporating the latest technologies and features to provide a cutting-edge platform that meets all the needs of De.Fiers.

Partnership with OKX & UXLINK and Token2049

While our team was swimming to Token2049 to make new connections and discuss new ideas and technologies that were recently implemented into the De.Fi Ecosystem with our community, we’ve hosted a contest with OKX and UXLINK to make De.Fiers happier and remind them how much we love them!

Details about our recent partnership with OKX, UXLINK & some other web3 giants can be found here ->

DEFI 4 BuyBack mechanisms, DEFI on Solana & DeFi Accelerator

A few days ago, we announced significant milestones. Launch of DEFI token on Solana, De.Fi Accelerator, and the most important achievement, focused on fostering the long-term growth of DEFI token is here!

We disclosed DEFI 4 BuyBack mechanisms:

• Buyingback & burning with the De.Fi Accelerator revenue:

The income generated through our De.Fi Accelerator will be used to buyback and subsequently burn $DEFI tokens, effectively reducing overall supply.

• Buyingback & burning from Bridging, Swapping & Sending Fees:

We will soon introduce fees for De.Fi Swap, De.Fi Send, and the soon-to-launch De.Fi Bridge. It’s important to announce that the revenue from these fees will be used to buyback and burn $DEFI tokens. This strategic move is part of our commitment to reduce total supply. To provide context, over the past two years, De.Fi Swap alone has generated an impressive volume of half a billion USD, highlighting the robust activity.

• Buyingback & burning with API Revenue:

Over one hundred projects, including prominent names like Coingecko and IBM, are currently using De.Fi’s API infrastructure. With the introduction of fees for these API services, the generated revenue will be allocated towards buying back and burning DEFI tokens.

• Revenue from De.Fi PRO subscriptions for DEFI buybacks & burning:

In the De.Fi PRO subscription we will introduce several exciting new offerings, including De.Fi GPT, De.Fi Scanner Pro, Dynamic Notifications, Personal Adjustments, and more! All revenue for these features will be used to buyback and burn DEFI tokens.

Future developments and updates

March was a landmark month for us, filled with numerous milestones and innovations. As we continue our mission to provide a secure and pioneering experience in the web3 space for De.Fiers, we’ve launched significant features and formed strategic partnerships that are shaping the future of defi world. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue our journey of innovation and growth. Expect further major announcements and developments that will reinforce our leadership in the crypto space. Stay tuned as we forge ahead, shaping the future.

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