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De.Fi has Become The Biggest Web3 Security Community (1/2 September Development Update)

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As we forge ahead in the revolutionary world of Web3, De.Fi has been bustling with exciting developments. From partnerships that bolster Web3 security to hitting significant milestones, we have a lot to share in this Early September update. Let’s dive into the journey of the past two weeks.

The Inaugural Web3 Security Conference


We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting the upcoming Web3 Security Conference set to take place in the historic city of Milan. Join us along with the pioneers and trailblazers of the Web3 space including the security leads of remarkable projects such as MatterLab and LayerZero, as well as Hacken’s smart contract auditor, among many other distinguished guests. This is your golden opportunity to network with the founders, professors, and advisors steering the most disruptive Web3 projects today. But hurry, as we are down to the last 150 spots! Make sure to grab your tickets here and use the code “DeFi-Security” for a 75% discount!

Grab our Web3 Security Bible

Security Bible

In a bid to empower our community with knowledge and security in the Web3 space, we have distilled our three years of Web3 security expertise into a 50-page Security Bible. This knowledge resource is packed with insights, tips, and tricks to help you stay ahead in the De.Fi world. It is borne out of our journey from recovering a substantial loss to building the first Crypto Antivirus and establishing the largest database of crypto hacks and scams. We invite you to delve into this goldmine of information available for free here with a De.Fi Social Profile.

New Protocols Integration

Intergrations Sep 2023

Our commitment to offering you a seamless experience continues with the integration of five new protocols into the DeFi ecosystem. We extend a warm welcome to GMX, Strike, CroSwap, Jito, and XY Finance. This integration allows users to track their multichain portfolio and positions across these protocols, all in one place, further enhancing the user experience and solidifying our position as the leading DeFi asset management tool.

Celebrating 100,000 Followers on X & 100,000 Daily Active Users


We are overjoyed to share that our De.Fi family has grown to over 100,000 followers on X, a testimony to the trust and support from all in our community. Our platform daily users and active social profile users have also hit the 100,000 mark, bringing us a step closer to our goal of reaching one million users. We are immensely grateful for your unwavering support even during this prolonged bear market, and belief in our vision as we continue to strive for greater heights.

As we wrap up this update, we are excited for the road ahead, as we continue to work towards a secure and inclusive Web3 space. Stay tuned for more updates and here’s to reaching new milestones together.

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