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De.Fi is the ONLY Place to Access ALL zkSync Chains!

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Plan of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. First things first: our Antivirus is Live on Polygon and BNB Chains!
  3. We Support ALL zkSync Chains!
  4. We have Integrated Tezos Blockchain!
  5. In the last 2 weeks, we’ve also integrated 2 protocols!
  6. De.Fi hits up @EDCON2023 Montenegro!
  7. New Interviews on our YouTube!


As we wrap up May, we’re thrilled to share a comprehensive look at the advancements we’ve made over the last few weeks. From pioneering integrations to the expansion of our DeFi services, we’ve been tirelessly working to revolutionize your experience in the world of decentralized finance.

In our continued mission to provide the most comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly DeFi platform on the market, we’ve introduced several new features and improvements. Stay tuned to discover how we’re taking the DeFi space by storm, one update at a time!

First things first: our Antivirus is Live on Polygon and BNB Chains!

This month, we have successfully launched crypto’s first-ever **Crypto Antivirus** on Polygon. The De.Fi Antivirus, a multi-layer security solution powered by cutting-edge machine learning technologies, now fully supports all Polygon smart contracts. This integration empowers users to bolster their defenses against potential crypto scams, making their interactions with Polygon significantly safer.

On that note, We’re thrilled to share with you the robust features our Antivirus brings to the Polygon platform.

Firstly, our intuitive design allows for straightforward usage. Users need only to input the contract address of any Token, NFT, or Staking Vault. Immediately after, the system will display all potential issues and risks related to that contract. This provides an unparalleled level of transparency and knowledge, enabling users to make informed decisions about their interactions within the Polygon ecosystem.

For our developer users, our **DeFi Antivirus** does not just flag potential risks — it goes one step further to show the exact location of the issue within the code, enhancing troubleshooting efficiency and accuracy.

We’ve also introduced the most advanced revoking tool on Polygon, known as Shield. This tool goes beyond standard contract analysis. **Shield** is designed to automatically scan all Polygon tokens and approvals in your wallet. If it detects any high-risk ones, it will promptly notify you so you can revoke them, ensuring your wallet’s security is always top-notch.

But the breakthroughs don’t stop there.

We are also thrilled to announce the launch of crypto’s first Antivirus on the BNB Chain. Our state-of-the-art Antivirus, with all its features described above, now brings its multi-layered security solution to the BNB Chain community as well, a significant stride towards making the DeFi space safer for everyone.

Our innovative Antivirus, powered by machine learning, is designed to ensure users can navigate the BNB Chain with enhanced security, making their daily DeFi routines much safer.

At De.Fi, we believe that security should never be a luxury but a standard for everyone in the decentralized finance space. With the launch of our Antivirus on Polygon and BNB Chains, we’ve taken a giant leap forward in making this belief a reality.

We Support ALL zkSync Chains! 🚀

Here’s another exciting development that we’re eager to share: We now support all zkSync Chains!

Following up from our integration of zkSync Era earlier this month, we’re proud to announce that De.Fi has now integrated zkSync Lite, making us the first-ever Dashboard to provide full support for all zkSync Blockchains. This is a significant milestone, not just for us at De.Fi, but also for our users who will now benefit from a more comprehensive DeFi experience.

As your gateway to the zkSync Ecosystem, we’re committed to making our platform more inclusive and versatile. With full support for all zkSync Blockchains, we’re ensuring that our users have unrestricted, secure access to the wide range of services offered by the zkSync Ecosystem.

We have Integrated Tezos Blockchain!

Here’s another significant advancement: the De.Fi Dashboard has integrated the Tezos blockchain!

Tezos, an open-source, self-upgradable blockchain, presents a plethora of opportunities in the DeFi space.

We’re excited to announce that Tezos is now fully supported by De.Fi.

With this integration, our users will be able to:

  1. Manage their $XTZ positions directly from the De.Fi Dashboard, providing a simplified, centralized way to keep track of their investments, and
  2. Explore new positions within the Tezos ecosystem, expanding their DeFi opportunities and broadening their investment portfolio.

In the last 2 weeks, we’ve also integrated 2 protocols!

First, we’re thrilled to welcome the Plenty DEX to the De.Fi Ecosystem!

As the leading automated market maker (AMM) DEX and bridge on Tezos, Plenty is a significant addition to our platform.

This integration allows our users to manage their $PLY positions among 450+ protocols on 45+ chains, all from the convenience of the De.Fi Dashboard.

To manage your Plenty positions, simply access the De.Fi Dashboard with your Tezos wallet (or a bundle of multiple wallets) and track all your multichain positions in one place. Try our Tezos bundle to see for yourself!

But that’s not all.

We’re equally excited to announce the integration of StellaSwap into the De.Fi Dashboard.

StellaSwap $STELLA serves as the ultimate gateway to DeFi on Moonbeam, offering services to swap, earn, and yield farm in one place.

Whether you’re already yield farming on StellaSwap or just getting started, this integration brings immense value.

You can now manage all your StellaSwap balances & positions among 450+ protocols on more than 44+ blockchains, all in one convenient dashboard.

Plus, StellaSwap is now a part of our Explore Tool, enabling you to track the historical data of its LPs and Vaults in one place.

De.Fi hits up @EDCON2023 Montenegro! ✈️

We have attended the conference, connecting with many new projects in Web3 and DeFi.

De.Fi Your favorite 💫 Web3 Super App

New Interviews on our YouTube!

We’ve talked to Gregory Klumov – the CEO of $EURS Stasis!

Here’s what we discussed:

    • What’s the Secret behind $EURS Success?
    • Why do Regulators HATE Narrow Banking?
    • The New Era of Electronic Money!

We also had a great talk with Ella Qiang, the VP of Cronos Ecosystem!

Here’s what we discussed:

    • How to get a $50,000 Grant from Cronos?
    • Why Cronos is better than other chains?
    • What is Cronos building on Cosmos?

Wrapping up…

Wrapping up our rundown of the May updates, we want to express our thanks for your continued support. These achievements and milestones are a testament to our commitment to transform the decentralized finance landscape, and none of this would have been possible without our community and collaborators.

As we move forward into the upcoming months, we promise to continue pushing the boundaries, to deliver the most comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly DeFi experience on the market.


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