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$DEFI Listing, Crypto Antivirus API Integrations, New De.Fi Badges & More! (Early December Development Update)

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As we step into December and crypto winter begins to thaw, De.Fi continues to forge ahead. This month, we are excited to announce developments that reinforce our commitment to innovation, security, and community engagement. From the anticipated listing of our $DEFI token to strategic integrations aimed at enhancing Web3 security, and the expansion of our SocialFi platform, these updates are designed to reward our users and enrich our ecosystem.

$DEFI Listing Announcement: Prepare for Launch!

December at De.Fi opens with a landmark announcement – the official closure of our Public Sale and the exciting news of the $DEFI token listing. This development marks a pivotal moment in our journey, reflecting the growth and adoption we have witnessed, with over 3 million new users joining our platform in recent months. Our focus is now on ensuring a smooth and successful listing campaign, slated to occur before January 27th. 

This event is not just a milestone for us but a significant juncture for the entire De.Fi community and our investors, who have shown unwavering support and confidence in our vision, throughout the ups and downs of the crypto market.

Stay tuned for weekly updates, and mark your calendars – the De.Fi revolution is taking flight!

De.Fi Antivirus Integrations: Adding a Security Layer to Web3!

Security remains a top priority at De.Fi – this month, we’re proud to announce the expansion of our Crypto Antivirus API across a total of 3 platforms, safeguarding the Web3 ecosystem against potential threats. 

Recent integrations include Holdstation, Eva Wallet by Tenet, and Nomis, each leveraging our API to provide their users with advanced scam detection and asset risk analysis tools. These partnerships highlight our commitment to creating a safer Web3 environment and underscore the importance of proactive measures in protecting digital assets against the ever-evolving landscape of online threats.

Holdstation Integration

First off, we are pleased to announce that Holdstation has integrated the De.Fi Crypto Antivirus API! 

Holdstation is a decentralized futures platform operating on the zkSync Era. It’s known for its innovative approach to futures trading in the decentralized space. 

Our Crypto Antivirus API has been integrated into Holdstation’s Smart Wallet feature. This integration empowers users to perform real-time scans of contracts, tokens, and NFTs for potential risks and threats. The primary objective here is to ensure that users can engage in futures trading with enhanced security, mitigating the risks associated with smart contracts and digital asset transactions in a decentralized environment.

Eva Wallet Integration

This month, we are also excited to welcome Eva Wallet to the De.Fi ecosystem. Eva Wallet, Tenet’s secure non-custodial gateway, has integrated De.Fi Antivirus’s API for real-time scam detection. 

Users of Eva Wallet can now identify potential threats and risks before confirming any transaction. This feature is particularly vital in safeguarding users’ assets against the increasing number of sophisticated scams and fraudulent activities in the Web3 space.

CoinRateCap Integration

Another step forward in securing the Web3 space is our partnership with CoinRateCap, the data aggregator app!

This partnership empowers CoinRateCap users to leverage Crypto Antivirus’s API directly within the platform, scanning their wallets for hidden risks and auditing any token for potential scams

Nomis Integration

Last but not least, Nomis, the innovative on-chain reputation protocol, now leverages De.Fi Antivirus’s API to empower users with asset protection tools! Nomis users can now carry out detailed analyses into the security of their holdings, scan their wallets for risks, and build their on-chain reputation with confidence. 

This integration is particularly beneficial for users seeking to navigate the DeFi space while enjoying peace of mind that their funds will be safe.

These strategic partnerships showcase De.Fi Antivirus’s growing influence in protecting the Web3 ecosystem. With thousands falling victim to scams daily, De.Fi Antivirus provides a crucial security layer, empowering users to make informed decisions and protect their investments.

SocialFi Badges: Climb the Leaderboard and Earn Rewards!

De.Fi’s SocialFi platform is buzzing with new developments, notably the introduction of new badge categories. 

In December, we’ve introduced two more exciting badge categories to recognize your contributions and progress: Follower and Quest 1 badges!

First up, we have the Follower badges – Showcase your growing DeFi network with exclusive badges based on your follower count. More followers? More badges! Each badge tier comes with more XP, so make sure to connect with other users on our platform, follow each other, and watch your badge collection expand.

Next, for all those who have participated in our ecosystem since the beginning – we are pleased to announce the Quest 1 Badges! For those who participated in DeFi Quest back in Feb-Mar 2023, your dedication is now rewarded. Claim your “First Participant,” “Challenger,” “Elite,” or “Champion” badge, awarded based on your ranking in the Quest. These badges not only serve as a way to earn more XP, but also act as a reminder to everyone that you were a pioneer in this journey.

Don’t miss out – claim your badges and level up your DeFi SocialFi experience today at!

Remember – De.Fi is more than just a platform – it’s a revolution. Join the movement, earn your rewards, and experience the future of finance! 

Closing Thoughts

In closing, December has been a month of significant strides for De.Fi. From the upcoming $DEFI token listing to the increased adoption of our security solutions, and not to forget the expansion of our SocialFi features, we are setting the stage for an even more impactful 2024. Our journey is driven by a commitment to our users and the broader DeFi community, and we look forward to continuing this journey together, shaping the future of finance.

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