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Early November De.Fi Update

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Hi Farmers!

This month has been quite an event-filled one for DeFi, especially considering the unfortunate FTX situation. Regardless, we at De.Fi have you covered on the latest updates within the DeFi space, both the good and the bad.

Speaking of the good, this month for us has been just like any other: filled with important integrations and advancements.

With that said, let’s jump straight into what has happened at De.Fi for the first half of this month!

De.Fi X BNB Chain Innovation Talks! 🔶

On November 11, Sonali, Head of Relations, and Sal, our Marketing Manager, attended the innovation talks hosted by the BNB chain!

The talk catered mainly to the Spanish-speaking DeFi community, particularly our community members situated in Latin America.

On the Twitter spaces, Sonali and Sal explained why De.Fi is the ultimate dashboard for DeFi and how it is the only dashboard that bridges the gap between EVM and non-EVM chains. You can check out the talk for yourself here

METAMASK Airdrop Alert! 🚨💰

In the first two weeks of this month, we have also been closely following developments in crypto airdrops that may be launching in the near future. One high-profile case is that of Consensys and Metamask, long-rumored to be working on a native token $MM or $MASK.

Most recently, Consensys launched the Metamask Bridge and Portfolio Dapp, and opened early registrations for whitelisting for the Consensys zkEVM private testnet.

If there was an action that would maximize your chances of getting an airdrop from Metamask, it would be participating in these two products from Consensys. Rest assured, we will be covering them in follow up videos on our YouTube channel.

New Chain Integration: EVMOS

Earlier this month, we incorporated a new chain within our dashboard: EVMOS!

Evmos is a unique Layer 1 protocol that looks to bridge the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems, and is compatible with both EVM and the Cosmos IBC. Yield farming opportunities include staking, along with yield farming on EVM-based DApps like Diffusion Finance.

To view your assets on Evmos by using the De.Fi dashboard, all you have to do is link your wallet to our website and select the Evmos chain as highlighted below.

Apart from Evmos, we also have a whole lineup of exciting integrations on the way. This month alone, we have had meetings with some of the top chains and projects in the crypto space, including Stargaze, Gnosis, Boba, Juno and Persistence, just to name a few.

Look out for more updates on these in the coming weeks!

Elk Finance Integration on 15 CHAINS!

We are pleased to announce that we have integrated ELK Finance, a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity or value transfers, on 15 chains, with more coming soon!

If you have any yield farming or liquidity positions on Elk Finance across these 15 chains, you can now keep track of your position on Elk Finance, including any rewards that you may have earned by staking on their platform.

New Protocol Integration: STADER

At De.Fi, we have made it a primary focus to integrate the leading protocols on various networks.

This time, we have integrated Stader, which supports various networks like Polygon, Binance, Ethereum, Fantom, and more. As of mid-November, we have integrated the protocol on four chains, which include BNB, Fantom, Polygon, and Aurora, with more coming soon!

We are pleased to confirm that you can now monitor your assets on Stader with the De.Fi cross-chain asset management dashboard.

New Exchange Integration: WOMBAT 🐻

We are pleased to announce that Wombat Exchange, the multi-chain stableswap built natively on the BNB Chain, is now supported and fully integrated into De.Fi`s asset management dashboard. By using our dashboard, you can now keep track of how much of the crypto you own is staked or provided as liquidity to Wombat.

Explore Opportunities New Filter “Categories” 🎯

We have just equipped our Explore Opportunities page with a new filter!

Titled “categories,” this new filter adds a layer of increased detail, providing greater transparency to users on what they are actually investing in. This therefore helps investors quickly answer the question on where their yield is coming from, and assess the risks associated with each opportunity.

Users can now use this feature to filter out the best investment opportunities available, by choosing between Proof-of-Stake (PoS) staking, yield, lending, or any other alternative opportunity of their choice.

Fresh New Videos on our YouTube channel!

Featuring daily content covering recent developments within the cryptocurrency landscape, our YouTube channel is the go-to place for DeFi enthusiasts.

This week, we not only covered a fresh lineup of Airdrops that could potentially net you thousands, but also covered the FTX saga in our weekly DNews segment.

We are proud to be one of the few Crypto YouTube channels that continue to grow in the bear market — this month to date, we have reached 14.5k subscribers!

▶️ Rango Dex Just CONFIRMED a $2,000 AIRDROP! (Time Sensitive)



So, you still want more?! Be the first to get the news!

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Good luck in farming!

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