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Introducing Crypto’s Largest SocialFi by De.Fi: Earn XP and Badges, Unlock new Levels and Move Up in Leaderboard.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR — Key Points
  2. Introduction to the De.Fi SocialFi
  3. The New Level of Gamification
  4. How to Earn XP? Tasks, Badges and Levels Explained
  5. Free Security Bible

TL;DR — Key Points

  • Gamification Unleashed: SocialFi by De.Fi transforms web3 networking into an exhilarating game. Compete with others, complete tasks, earn XP and exclusive badges, unlock new levels, and customize your profile for an electrifying experience.
  • Diverse Task Categories: Dive into three task categories – Daily, Badges, and Referral – to earn XP and level up. Daily tasks maintain streaks, badge tasks showcase your achievements, and referrals bring new users into the SocialFi fold.
  • Rise on the Leaderboard: As you accumulate XP and badges, ascend the SocialFi Leaderboard. Rumors suggest active users might be handsomely rewarded. Start your web3 journey now and be part of the fastest-growing Web3 Project. Get your Exclusive Code and join us today!

Introduction to the De.Fi SocialFi

Just three months ago, we unveiled our revolutionary Social Profile, creating a space where users could seamlessly connect on-chain, follow friends and whales, scrutinize their chain activity, and even amass a dedicated following.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce SocialFi, the next evolution in social profiles, powered by De.Fi. With SocialFi, we’ve turbocharged the entire experience, infusing it with the electrifying world of gamification. We’ve transformed your web3 journey into an exhilarating adventure where you not only connect but also compete, complete tasks, earn XP and coveted badges, and unlock new levels for exclusive bonuses.

The New Level of Gamification

1. Compete with Other Users: Engage in friendly rivalries and see how you stack up against other SocialFi enthusiasts.

2. Complete Tasks: Dive into a world of tasks designed to challenge and reward you.

3. Earn XP & Badges: Your journey is punctuated with XP rewards and exclusive badges that showcase your accomplishments.

4. Unlock New Levels: Climb the ranks and discover new levels that offer exciting benefits.

5. Customize Your Profile: Tailor your SocialFi profile to reflect your unique style.

And there’s so much more in store for you!

Our tasks are divided into three categories:

Daily: Engage in daily interactions to maintain streaks and earn XP. The more consecutive days you participate, the more XP you’ll receive.

Badges: Complete badge-related tasks to gain exclusive badges and the XP associated with them. Showcase your expertise and achievements.

Referral: Invite new users to join the SocialFi community and earn XP based on their profile requirements.

Each task you complete will not only grant you additional XP but also propel you to new levels of achievement. With badges as your testament and XP as your currency, you’ll ascend the SocialFi Leaderboard, a realm where the most active degens might find themselves handsomely rewarded! Or is it just a rumor? 🤔 We’ll let you be the judge of that. 🤷‍♂️

Your journey with De.Fi and SocialFi begins now. Join us and become an integral part of the fastest-growing Web3 Project. It’s time to unlock your true web3 potential, gain exclusive rewards, and dive headfirst into the exciting world of SocialFi.

Don’t miss out – start your journey today! Get your Exclusive Code and sign up at 👉

For more information on De.Fi SocialFi and the most rewarding ways to earn XP, stay tuned! Your web3 adventure awaits.

How to Earn XP? Tasks, Badges and Levels Explained

Game Element #1: Daily click-to-streak

This is a straightforward daily interaction game. You can click each day to maintain a streak, leading to XP rewards:

Click daily to receive a small XP amount.
XP per day increases progressively, peaking on the 7th day, then resetting.
XP streak: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100.
A full streak (7 consecutive days) is worth 310 XP.
Missing a day resets the streak, and XP restarts from 10.

Game Element #2: Invite New Users

Get ready to supercharge your De.Fi social profile and turbo-boost your gaming experience! In this high-octane adventure, your path to XP glory is paved with invitations. Your Inviter status will have you racking up XP based on your Invitee’s profile.

Inviting more active users will earn you more XP. (With more ways of earning via invites to be provided in the future).

To keep the competition fair, there’s a a threshold of 100 invited users per participant, above which the amount of XP you receive per further invite is lowered:

Invite User: Inviters receive 20 XP for each Invitee who creates a social profile (up to the threshold) and 0 XP beyond.
Invite Verified User: Inviters get 80 XP for each Invitee who becomes a verified user (up to the threshold) and 10 XP beyond.

Game Element #3: Badges

In this element, you can view the badges you’ve earned, each with a tooltip explaining why it was conferred. Badges are unique, and users can’t have duplicates. Users need to click a “Claim” button to add a badge to their profile when the conditions are fulfilled. Earning a badge also grants the user XP:

Early Adopter: Awarded to users who signed up before September. XP: 250.

Verified User: Awarded to users who validate either Twitter or Telegram, add at least one account to their profile. XP: 500.

Shrimp: Total asset in public accounts is at least $100. XP: 250.

Turtle: Total asset in public accounts is at least $1,000. XP: 1,000.

Dolphin: Total asset in public accounts is at least $10,000. XP: 2,500.

Whale: Total asset in public accounts is at least $100,000. XP: 5,000.

De.Fi 2.0 Supporter: Invested in the De.Fi 2.0 Round. XP: 2,000.

De.Fi 2.0 Investor: Invested $250+ in the De.Fi 2.0 Round. XP: 5,000.

De.Fi 2.0 Patron: Invested $750+ in the De.Fi 2.0 Round. XP: 7,000.

Conclusion + Free De.Fi Security Bible

The launch of SocialFi by De.Fi marks a new era in the Web3 networking. It’s a gamified adventure where you compete, complete tasks, earn XP and exclusive badges, unlock new levels, and customize your profile.

As you complete tasks, you’ll climb the SocialFi Leaderboard, and while rumors swirl about rewards for the most active users, only time will tell. Your web3 journey begins now, so don’t miss your chance to be part of the fastest-growing Web3 Community! Get your Exclusive Code and join us today!

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