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Introducing the World’s First “Coinmarketcap” of Security

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“De.Fi Safe is a crucial addition to the web3 ecosystem,” said Yida Gao, Founder & Managing General Partner at Shima Capital, a lead investor in De.Fi. “As the first cross-chain decentralized security network, De.Fi is a much needed project for the overall safety of crypto users, and De.Fi Safe takes user safety to the next level by providing personalized risk audits directly from their wallets based on the smart contracts they interact with. That’s groundbreaking!”

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR — Key Points
  2. Foreword
  3. Introduction to the World’s First Coinmarketcap of Security
  4. How to Use the Coinmarketcap of Security
  5. Free Security Bible

TL;DR — Key Points

  • The largest Web3 super app and creator of the world’s first crypto antivirus, has announced the launch of their innovative security solution – the world’s first Coinmarketcap of Security;
  • This collaboration brings together De.Fi’s revolutionary security solutions and a large variety of crypto assets (over 5,000+) to provide an enhanced layer of protection for anyone interacting with crypto assets.
  • The new security tab by De.Fi is using data from 1.15 million smart contracts and more than 12 million different issue categories.


One of the first of its kind in the world, the new Security Tab by De.Fi is a groundbreaking solution that detects and protects against common malicious crypto tokens such as honeypots, pump & dumps, tokens with high risk sart contract functions (mintable, blacklisting, etc),and more.

The Coinmarketcap of Security by De.Fi is an innovative security tool powered by De.Fi Scanner, an all-in-place for Web3 Degens to analyze the security level of all crypto tokens.

Introduction to the Coinmarketcap of Security

The novel De.Fi’s “Coinmarketcap of Security” suite features innovative security tools, such as the De.Fi Scanner, a multi-layer s solution that is capable of performing a comprehensive technical audit and liquidity analysis of any token in just a few seconds, combined with the market page of over 5,000+ tokens with pricing & mcap data updated in real time.

How to Use the Coinmarketcap of Security

Now, De.Fi is taking a quantum leap in the realm of crypto security by introducing their revolutionary solution – the “Coimarketcap of Security.” Imagine navigating a platform akin to Coinmarketcap but, instead of traditional market data, it provides you with an in-depth security analysis of tokens. De.Fi’s “Coinmaketcap of Security” displays vital metrics such as Safety Score, Liquidity, Holders Distribution, Governance, Smart Contract Security, Connection to Mixers, and the Reputation of Deployers in real-time. It’s a garme-changer for investors seeking low-risk tokens, making the hunt for trustworthy investments more straightforward and efficient.

Here are some of the many use cases of the new Security Tab:

  1. Quick access to analyzing tokens’ smart contract risks. Simply hover your mouse over the corresponding icon, and find out whether the particular token contains any:
    1. Mintable
    2. Pausable
    3. Blacklisting
    4. Transfer Limit
    5. Transfer Fee
    6. Or Proxy Issues in its smart contract.
  1. Filtering out tokens by type of governance. The new Security Tab by De.Fi differentiates the following types of governance:
    1. Hidden Owner
    2. Multisig
    3. Wallet
    4. Governance
    5. Timelock
    6. Masterchef
    7. Renounced
  1. Accessing information about overall tokens’ security score (based on De.Fi Scanner score)
  1. Filtering out tokens by Holders Number & % Held by Top 10 Holders
  1. As well as accessing the full & comprehensive security analysis of these tokens by simply navigating to the blue button on the right side (that will redirect you to the Scanner)!

De.Fi’s previous security tools have already proven their worth by identifying and averting over 540,000 potentially risky tokens, potentially saving a staggering $27 billion. With the introduction of the “CoinMarketCap of Security,” De.Fi is poised to save even more funds in the crypto world. By allowing users to assess the security of tokens directly through code analysis, De.Fi is further enhancing the safety and trustworthiness of the crypto ecosystem.

Conclusion + Free De.Fi Security Bible

De.Fi’s commitment to innovation and security in the crypto industry is unwavering.

The introduction of the “CoinMarketCap of Security” is just the latest example of their dedication to safeguarding the interests of our community!

As we continue to evolve and refine our security tools, there’s no doubt that we will remain a significant force in the ongoing effort to make the crypto space a safer and more transparent environment.

We are here to let the magic happen! ✨

Right now we are GIVING AWAY free copies of Security Bibles — the most comprehensive DeFi Security Guide brought to you by the De.Fi Team!

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