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Investment by BitMart Exchange, Launch of Crypto Antivirus on Mobile & More!

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Crypto Antivirus in Your Pocket!

With the increasing use of mobile devices for crypto transactions, we at De.Fi have introduced a major update to the Web3 Antivirus, also known as the Scanner. It is now redesigned specifically for mobile use. This move caters to the prevalent shift towards mobile-first experiences in the crypto world. The enhanced Scanner allows users to access De.Fi’s robust automated audits anytime, anywhere, ensuring their digital assets are protected even on the go. This update underscores De.Fi’s commitment to user-friendly Web3 security, which is key to mass adoption.

Integration of KuCoin Exchange!

De.Fi’s integration with KuCoin Exchange has been a game-changer for users who manage their crypto portfolios through the SuperApp. Over the years, we have continued to add support for an increasing number of ecosystems on the De.Fi Dashboard, spanning both new chains and centralized exchanges. With the latest full integration of KuCoin, users can now effortlessly track their positions and balances across both the KuCoin Exchange and KCC Chain. This seamless integration has further enhanced De.Fi’s Dashboard, enabling users to view and manage their assets across multiple platforms in a single interface.

Investment by BitMart Exchange & NGC Capital!

This month, we are pleased to announce that two major industry players, the Venture Arm of BitMart Exchange and NGC Capital, have made significant investments in De.Fi. This injection of capital and show of confidence from some of the leading names in the crypto industry are a key enabler for our continued work here at De.Fi. This investment also underscores our commitment as an industry to shape the future of finance.

De.Fi has become the LARGEST Web3 SuperApp!

The De.Fi ecosystem has experienced considerable growth in the first half of the month alone. In fact, De.Fi now boasts support for 397 protocols across 34 blockchains, along with integrations being in place with 8 centralized exchanges. This growth has positioned De.Fi as the most comprehensive crypto dashboard and portfolio tracker in the market, offering users a one-stop solution to manage their digital assets.

We have Launched Web3 Largest SocialFi!

De.Fi’s Social Profile has undergone yet another major update with the introduction of SocialFi, consisting of enhanced gamification features. Users can now engage in friendly competition, complete tasks, earn experience points and badges, unlock new levels, and customize their profiles. 

This new space for social interaction in the DeFi world not only adds an element of fun and competition to the typically formal world of investing, but also makes it easy for crypto enthusiasts to share their alpha and get a pulse on the wider market.

With the new SocialFi feature, our goal is to foster a sense of community among users of the De.Fi platform.

Exclusive Interview with Binance!

This month, we conducted an exclusive interview with Rachel Conlan, the Chief Marketing Officer of Binance. This discussion covered critical topics pertaining to the decentralized finance space. 

The conversation covered Binance’s strategies for reinforcing the values and benefits of Web3, explored avenues for onboarding more users to DeFi, and sought to understand Binance’s vision for the next leap in the industry.

De.Fi is Travelling Worldwide!

As the year 2022 came to a close, De.Fi attended EthToronto, a gateway event to numerous collaborations with Canadian web3 projects. The engagement at EthToronto highlighted De.Fi’s commitment to fostering partnerships and expanding its network within the blockchain community.

Entering 2023, De.Fi participated in EthCC in Paris, the largest event the team has attended to date. The conference brought together thousands of leading minds across various niches within the web3 space, facilitating discussions that De.Fi was thrilled to be a part of.

In October 2023, De.Fi proudly hosted the largest Web3 Security Conference in Europe, underscoring our key role in the conversation around security in decentralized finance. The conference attracted over 300 attendees, eager to gain insights from the brightest minds in web3 security.

Last but not least, De.Fi co-hosted EthMilan 2023, the first Ethereum-related event in Milan. Hosting more than 1,000 attendees at the Palazzo de Stelline, the event brought the Ethereum community together in the historic heart of Milan.

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