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LATE November De.Fi Update

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Hi Farmers!

It goes without saying that this month has been a tumultuous one for DeFi, especially considering the fallout from the FTX situation, claiming more victims such as Genesis and BlockFi. Regardless, we at De.Fi continue to build, and continue to provide you with the highest-quality content on the DeFi space.

Building upon our progress from Early November, this month for us has been just like any other: filled with important integrations and advancements.

With that said, let’s jump straight into what has happened at De.Fi for the latter half of this month!

Monthly Rekt Report: November 2022 🚨

Crypto, as we have all seen over the past few weeks, is a highly risky place, and November saw a whopping $3.8b being exploited, lost or stolen. Interestingly, this was driven mainly by centralized entities this time around, rather than decentralized ones, leading many to question whether keeping crypto on exchanges remains safe.

We at De.Fi are constantly working to keep you up to date on all exploits or hacks within the cryptocurrency landscape. You can find our detailed analysis of the biggest crypto scams and hacks in November in our monthly article **here.**

Bear Market: Sink Or Swim For Crypto

Even in a bear market where interest is low, we remain committed to delivering the highest quality updates on the state of DeFi and Crypto. On the 30th of November, we are joined by 4 DeFi giants: QiDao, Curve, MakerDao and Lido, to talk about this sink-or-swim moment for Crypto. Tune in **(here)** as we will also be giving away $500 BUSD in prizes.

Stay tuned for more Spaces and Giveaways!

De.Fi X COSMOS Twitter Space! ⚛️

Despite the market downturn, we are heartened to be joined by industry players with a similar vision. The Cosmos ecosystem continues to develop, and earlier this month, we invited three of the leading protocols on Cosmos to our Twitter space: Juno, Osmosis and Evmos.

In this space, we discussed how the Cosmos ecosystem promises considerable upside potential, and emerge as a strong competitor to Ethereum. We were also joined by influencers in the Cosmos space, CryptoCito and MadCrypto!

7 New Confirmed Airdrops! 💰

As we continue through this Crypto Winter, profits from DeFi yield farming or HODLing are slim pickings.

As a result, much attention has shifted to the topic of upcoming crypto airdrops — getting free crypto at low or no risk. Here at De.Fi, we have a research team working full-time to identify new potential opportunities.

Last week, we published a megathread of **7 new potential airdrops** that you can participate in, and hopefully score some free crypto worth thousands.

Check out our article here!

De.Fi Macro Interview: MICHAEL KAO

With Crypto being affected by macroeconomic headwinds, we saw fit to host a Macro Interview on our YouTube channel. Hosted by De.Fi founder Michael Rosmer, the interview featured macroeconomist Michael Kao, and saw the two experienced individuals exchange views on where they saw the economy heading. Check it out here!

New Protocol Integration: HUBBLE

Earlier this month, we incorporated a new protocol within our dashboard: Hubble!

Hubble is a DeFi protocol built on Solana, which features a stablecoin, USDH. This stablecoin is collateralized, and can be borrowed against a user’s assets, therefore providing more liquidity in their long-term holdings.

To view your assets on Hubble by using the De.Fi crypto wallet tracker, all you have to do is link your Solana wallet to our website.


The fallout from FTX has caused many to raise questions about the integrity and safety of CeFi systems, particularly where decentralized and self-custodial alternatives exist.

To address this, our founder, Michael Rosmer, joined an expert panel hosted by Fenbushi Capital on a **Twitter Space**, to discuss the potential of DeFi in the wake of CeFi’s failures. This Twitter space featured industry leaders representing not only Fenbushi, but Astar, 1inch and Reserve as well!


Our **YouTube Channel** continued to new heights, despite all of the fear and uncertainty in the markets. We hit a new record of 500,000 views, as well as passing the 15,000 subscriber mark!

Some of our most popular videos include our latest Airdrops series, where we cover how to qualify for the top airdrops in the crypto space — including popular projects such as Arbitrum, Aptos and Cosmos. Check them out **here**!

Fresh New Videos on our YouTube channel!

Featuring daily content covering recent developments within the cryptocurrency landscape, our YouTube channel is the go-to place for DeFi enthusiasts.

This week, we not only covered yet another fresh lineup of Airdrops that could potentially net you thousands, but also covered the FTX fallout and overall macro in our weekly DNews segment.

We are proud to be one of the few Crypto YouTube channels that continue to grow in the bear market — this month to date, we have reached 15.2k subscribers!

▶️ BREAKING: ZkSync just CONFIRMED AIRDROP (New Tasks!!!)

▶️ dcSPARK FOUNDER: How Milkomeda has Changed Crypto Forever

▶️ MakerDAO Partner QiDao Announced AIRDROP (Possible $1,000!!!)

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Good luck in farming!

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