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The Day Has Come: Announcing the De.Fi 2.0 Ecosystem

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We started De.Fi during DeFi Summer in 2020 as a group of passionate Yield Farmers, and during these last 3 years of development we successfully led the resolution of multiple industry issues and grew our user base over x100.

Over the past 3 years, De.Fi has been at the forefront of crypto innovation, bringing groundbreaking tools and solutions to the crypto-sphere, including crypto’s first antivirus, largest social profile, most convenient portfolio tracking dashboard, crypto’s first rekt & audit databases, and more.

We quickly realized that our mission was the save the *entire* crypto industry from itself; that’s why we invented crypto’s first antivirus – the jewel in our crown that now is responsible for protecting over 3 million users and big names like CoinGecko, Arbitrum, zkSync that are utilizing our antivirus on their platforms.

Just think about it: De.Fi has already defused over 540,000 risky tokens – that’s $27 billion potentially saved, because we made it possible to find the scams directly in code before they happen!

John Izaguirre, the Former Director of Binance, says: “Having closely followed the De.Fi Team for years, I can attest to their transformative impact on the cryptocurrency landscape. Their game-changing Web3 SuperApp & Crypto Antivirus set a new standard for enhancing Crypto Security. I will be looking forward to the unfolding of their future innovations in the dynamic world of DeFi!”

That was De.Fi for the past 3 years. That was the De.Fi 1.0.

Today, we are introducing the De.Fi 2.0. With De.Fi 2.0, we are taking our commitment to innovation and user empowerment to the next level.

Incredible enhancements of De.Fi 2.0 and its native token $DEFI

Today we are starting a new Chapter of our journey. After the invention of Crypto’s First SuperApp & Antivirus, we are introducing today De.Fi 2.0, the most comprehensive Web3 Ecosystem, that includes:

  • De.Fi Connect, SocialFi
  • De.Fi GPT that will help you to make smarter crypto investment decisions
  • And De.Fi’s native token $DEFI – the jewel in its crown that will empower all products above, generate passive income to its holders and unlock PRO access to De.Fi tools.

De.Fi 2.0 includes an exciting lineup of innovations, solutions and tools that are set to redefine the crypto landscape. 

De.Fi 2.0 will enable onboarding the next billion users to Web3 with 100x user growth in the industry. With the integration of these products in the De.Fi Ecosystem suite, we are Revolutionizing Web3 like it’s never been done before.

Exchange & Institutions Supporters of $DEFI

De.Fi’s journey has been one of unparalleled success, garnering support from industry giants such as OKX, Huobi, MEXC, Directors of Binance & Coinbase and others. Notably, De.Fi shares a common backing with SpaceX and Tesla through the HOF Capital, cementing its position as a force to be reckoned with in the crypto space.

As De.Fi 2.0 unfolds, it heralds a new dawn for decentralized finance, promising to empower users with cutting-edge tools, AI-driven insights, and an unparalleled sense of community. The future of crypto is here, and it’s called De.Fi 2.0.

Be part of this seismic shift. Join the Revolution and be part of De.Fi 2.0. We will wait you on the other side:

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