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THE LARGEST LISTING IN 2024 & MORE!(Late January Development Update)

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Late January 2024 Development Update at De.Fi

January 2024 was an incredibly important month for us. We achieved significant results and made remarkable progress. Our journey in the DeFi space has been marked by exciting developments, including new partnerships, expansions, community growth, and media recognition. It’s been a month filled with milestones that underscore our commitment to leading and innovating in DeFi.


$DEFI token is now officially live on the market! With our successful Token Generation Event (TGE) held on January 31st, we’re thrilled to announce our listing on seven prominent exchanges. Now the token is listed on Bybit, KuCoin, BitGet, Gate, BingX, MEXC, and Bitmart. This listing not only amplifies our visibility but also reflects the growing interest and support from the community. 

Superclaim & Stake Feature

We have released a groundbreaking feature specifically for our holders! Want to almost double your $DEFI tokens in 1 click? Stake them with Superclaim! 

You can make all your $DEFI tokens automatically stake as they vest, optimizing efficiency and saving you from hefty gas fees! The feature will lock your tokens into staking until the end of vesting schedule. The process mirrors manual claiming and staking but with a significant twist – a +20% boost!

See the complete guide: 

Partnership with OKX Wallet!

We have now partnered with OKX Web3 Wallet to bring our users the best Web3 experience! Your crypto journey just got a major upgrade! 

With this partnership, users of OKX Wallet now have the ability to effortlessly monitor their crypto assets across multiple blockchains at once. They can also use the De.Fi SuperApp to bundle their OKX Exchange & OKX Wallet portfolios simultaneously and conduct token smart contract audits. 

This collaboration opens up a host of new possibilities and functionalities for users to explore and leverage.

 Synergy with IBM

We are excited to announce that De.Fi is now providing security data to IBM, a global leader in industrial research and innovation! 

As part of this collaboration, IBM will utilize our extensive security data and databases to enhance its operations. 

This partnership signifies our dedication to creating a safer Web3 future and represents a significant milestone in our journey. Stay tuned for more details as we continue to progress with this exciting collaborations.

1 Million De.Fi Users! 

It is with great pride that we announce the official milestone reached by the De.Fi Social Profile, with a remarkable 1,000,000 sign-ups!

This achievement, accomplished within a 4 months period, faster than Web2 giants like Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox, and many others.

It signifies a significant milestone in our journey, reflecting the growing interest and support for De.Fi and Web3 industry.

Remember, we’re not just leading DeFi, we ARE De.Fi!

De.Fi on Binance?

In January, we have partnered with Binance Square! Exciting to share with you the news of our official verification!  

This partnership solidifies our synergy with one of the leading platforms in the cryptocurrency space. Through this collaboration, we look forward to expanding our reach and providing our community with the latest updates and developments in the $DEFI ecosystem. 

Be sure to stay connected with us to catch all the latest news and announcements as we start the journey with Binance Square: 

Airdrop Season 1 Announced

Get ready for the first season of the $DEFI Airdrop, launching soon! Season 1 is officially underway, rewarding those actively contributing to the ecosystem’s growth. 

Stake $DEFI for potential eligibility, engage with the De.Fi platform, and expect future airdrop seasons. A snapshot will be taken prior to distribution. 

Airdrop season one is scheduled for the first half of February. Stay tuned for updates!

De.Fi x eesee Partnership

We’re announcing our strategic partnership with eesee, a prominent gamified NFTFi and SocialFi platform. This collaboration opens up new avenues for DeFi, promising innovative developments on the horizon. 

$400,000 Campaigns with Exchanges

De.Fi Late January Major Update Recap: $DEFI Token is Listed, Staking is Live, New Features, Partnerships & Upcoming Airdrop?

In celebration of the grand listing of $DEFI, we have collaborated with seven prominent exchanges to host a generous $400,000 worth of $DEFI as an airdrop! 

This exciting initiative is now live with campaigns on Bybit, Kucoin, Bitget, MExc, and Gate. You can participate and have the opportunity to be part of the De.Fi’s community grand listing celebration!

 2024 promises a wave of exciting developments for De.Fi

As we wrap up this January recap, our momentum remains strong and steady. With every achievement, we are pioneering innovation, ensuring security, and encouraging community engagement within the DeFi sphere. 

Keep an eye on our blog & Twitter for the latest updates as we push the boundaries of DeFi development, releasing new products and features, creating partnerships, and achieving breakthroughs!

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