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Win a trip to Bangkok with Accelerator’s AP and SocialFi Leaderboards & Lotteries

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Are you ready to take your experience to the next level? The Accelerator AP and Social Profile activities are here to reward the best and most dedicated De.Fiers. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can win an opportunity to join us in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 11th for De.Fi World 2024!

Exclusive Opportunity for the most attentive De.Fiers!

We thought to make the selection more straightforward. To take part in the Contest, follow these steps:

Step 1: Just fill in the Form (YOU might be the Winner)

Link to the form ->

Step 2: Start building your SocialFi XP and Accelerator RANKs Points (Details below)

Step 3: Have Fun and enjoy the Perks! We can’t wait to meet you and see you in beautiful Bangkok, Thailand!

Several Winners will be selected from each category, so you will have many chances to participate and win. The first winner was announced last week, and the next winner could be YOU! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—your adventure awaits!

Some prizes include travel vouchers, hotel stays, Exclusive VIP After Party and more!

AP Top Stakers

To be among the top AP (Accelerator Point) Leaderboard, you need to maximize your AP points. Imagine yourself exploring the streets of Bangkok, all because of your dedication! Five winners will be chosen, which means more chances to win.

Top participants will be rewarded with:

Hint to be at the top of the leaderboard:

  1. In order to be part of the Top AP Leaderboard, follow these steps:
  1. More AP Benefits: AP also gives you exclusive access to the De.Fi Accelerator, allowing you to participate in Private, Public, or even Seed Token Sales. Don’t Miss on these Green opportunities.
  2. Familiarize yourself with how the Accelerator AP system works. The more you understand, the more chances you have ->

Keep staking AP and stay at the top for your chance to win!

AP Lottery

Even if you don’t make it to the top ranks, there’s still an opportunity to win. Feel the excitement build as you check the leaderboard – every point brings you closer to Bangkok! We will select one of De.Fiers who have achieved Rank 3 or 4 on the Accelerator AP Leaderboard.

The winners will receive:

  • Flight Voucher worth $800 for a trip to Bangkok
  • Free Event Ticket to De.Fi World 2024 – Exclusive Access
  • Meet the De.Fi team in person and the Top DeFi projects

Let’s remember how exciting our previous events were!

At De.Fi, we believe in the power of connections and have hosted events worldwide to bring De.Fiers together. From Italy and UAE to France and Portugal, and now, we’re thrilled to add Bangkok to the list.

Our events have been nothing short of spectacular, with highlights like the Closing Party of Solana Breakpoint in 2021 and the EthCC 2021 Opening Party in Paris, which brought together over 200 De.Fiers for a night of fun and networking. EthCC 2022 was even bigger, two major events and over 300 attendees.

In Dubai, during Binance Blockchain Week 2022, our Exclusive Closing Party was unforgettable, set in a stunning location with amazing people. In October 2023, we hosted the largest Web3 Security Conference in Europe, attracting over 300 De.Fiers to discuss web3 security challenges.

This year, we’re excited to host DeFi World 2024 in Bangkok for 500+ people, our largest event yet. And you can win a trip to De.Fi World 2024!

Top SocialFi XP

Show off your SocialFi XP and be one of the top participants in the Social Profile Leaderboard to win. We will select three winners in this category. Your engagement could be your ticket to an unforgettable journey!

The winners will receive:

  • Flight Voucher worth $800 for a trip to Bangkok
  • Free Event Ticket to De.Fi World 2024

Ways to Boost Your SocialFi XP:

  1. Earn Badges: Badges are a great way to increase your XP. Complete tasks, get more badges, and increase your chances of winning!
  2. Daily Rewards: Claim XP daily to move up in the leaderboard daily.

SocialFi XP Lottery

Not among the top ranks? No worries! There’s still a chance for you to experience the thrill of winning. We will randomly select winners based on a combination of Levels and Badges. By staking a sufficient amount of tokens, you can get the DEFI Bastion or DEFI Diamond Hands badge. Additionally, reaching Rank 3 or Rank 4 in the Accelerator program, you get the opportunity to compete in both the XP and AP lotteries.

The winners will receive:

  • Flight Voucher worth $800 for a trip to Bangkok
  • Free Event Ticket to De.Fi World 2024

Eligibility and Rules:

  1. Badge Requirements: The eligible De.Fiers for the lottery are those who have at least one of these badges:
  • DEFI Bastion
  • DEFI Diamond Hands.
  1. Ticket Allocation: You get a virtual ticket per level you have reached at the time of the draw. For example, if you are level 7, you get 7 tickets. This means more engaged members of De.Fi Family have a higher chance of being a winner!
  2. Double Tickets for Both Badges: If you hold both DEFI Bastion and DEFI Diamond Hands badges, you get twice the number of tickets. Giving you more chances to win!

Enhancing Your Lottery Chances:

  1. Badge Collection: The more badges you collect, the higher level you have, and the more tickets are in your pocket!
  2. Get two badges and increase your chances twice: If you hold both the DEFI Bastion and DEFI Diamond Hands badges, amount of your tickets will be doubled.
  3. Profile Leveling: Ensure your profile is always leveling up. Higher levels can increase your chances in the lottery.

This is Your opportunity to join us in the beautiful Bangkok, Thailand

Don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities to be rewarded for your participation in De.Fi. Keep climbing in leaderboards to secure your chances to win a trip. We look forward to meeting De.Fiers in Bangkok and creating unforgettable memories together!

Stay tuned, as it’s only the start of the long story!

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