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Zerion Alternative: Using De.Fi as Your Crypto Dashboard

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized finance, many users are in search of the perfect platform to manage their assets and track their portfolios. One name that frequently pops up is Zerion. But while Zerion boasts impressive features, it might not cater to every user’s unique needs.

This prompts the question: what are the available alternatives? In this guide, we’ll explore what Zerion offers and spotlight De.Fi as a noteworthy Zerion alternative. Along the way, we’ll weigh the benefits of each platform so users can discover the ideal DeFi dashboard tool.

What is Zerion?

The Zerion portfolio tracker is a platform that lets users visualize and manage their crypto assets across multiple chains without compromising on security. Its popularity stems from the ease it offers, especially to those new to the DeFi space. Through the platform, users can interact with various protocols, trade assets, and even earn yield. The Zerion DeFi tracker aggregates data from various blockchain protocols. However, no platform is without its limitations.

Some users are looking for a Zerion alternative hoping to find functionalities or features that their tool lacks. This quest for the perfect portfolio tracker introduces many alternative platforms. Here at De.Fi, we believe our web3 superapp and antivirus to be a compelling contender in this space. Let’s uncover how De.Fi performs as an alternative to Zerion and why it might be the next big thing in your crypto toolkit.

De.Fi: The Best Zerion Alternative

In the dynamic world of DeFi, having an all-encompassing platform to manage, track, and maximize assets is crucial. Enter De.Fi, touted by many as the premier Zerion alternative. With advanced security features, seamless user experience, and comprehensive investment research tools, De.Fi brings a new standard to the portfolio manager experience.

Let’s take a detailed journey into why De.Fi stands tall as the best choice for anyone diving into the depths of decentralized finance.

Want a quick overview? Check out the video above from our YouTube channel.

Extensive Chain and Asset Tracking

One of the significant strengths of De.Fi is the breadth and depth of chains and assets we can track. While Zerion impresses with its coverage, De.Fi goes several notches higher. Our platform not only covers popular chains but also includes lesser-known ones, ensuring users have the full spectrum of the decentralized landscape at their fingertips.

This comprehensive coverage guarantees that irrespective of how diverse your portfolio is, De.Fi remains the one-stop Zerion website alternative for all tracking needs.

integrated defi dashboard networks

A significant feat is that our dashboard can support non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains and EVM chains side-by-side. By doing so, it taps into the immense potential and unique opportunities that non-EVM ecosystems bring to the table. Users benefit from an expanded horizon, enabling them to diversify their portfolios, interact with novel protocols, and explore untapped yield avenues that are absent from EVM-centric platforms.

Robust Portfolio Dashboard

The De.Fi portfolio dashboard is nothing short of a marvel. It meticulously categorizes assets into Wallet, Deposits, Claimable, and Lending sections, making it incredibly user-friendly. The Wallet lets users view a snapshot of available funds, while the Deposits section breaks down staked assets in various protocols.

219 eth portfolio dashboard

Connect your wallet or enter an address to get started with our DeFi dashboard

The Claimable tab is uniquely helpful because it shows rewards or airdrops that are waiting for the user to claim them. Lending reveals any funds loaned out, interest rates, and expected returns. Beyond the real-time data, the historic “Transactions” dashboard presents an organized log of all past activities. Such granularity is often what users find missing when solely relying on tools like Zerion.

Inventor of the World’s First Crypto Antivirus

As inventors of the crypto antivirus, we are extremely proud of our unique safety products and the years of development that have gone into making sure they are useful for all industry participants. Our security suite is made up of two critical tools: Scanner and Shield.

Scanner is adept at identifying risks associated with specific smart contract addresses. It acts as a free smart contract auditor providing users with a custom detailed report covering token governance, risk categorizations, specific exploit possibilities, honeypot risk, and an aggregate “DeFi score” to help you compare across contracts.

unibot scanner results page


While Scanner can be used to research specific tokens and contracts that you have not yet interacted with, Shield is meant to retroactively analyze the vulnerabilities your wallet may already be exposed to. Shield continuously monitors the permissions your wallet has granted and allows you to quickly revoke token permissions if you are at risk.

defi shield revoke tool


This dual-layered protection ensures users can confidently navigate the De.Fi ecosystem without fretting about the safety of their assets. With security breaches becoming more sophisticated, having an embedded antivirus feature makes De.Fi an excellent alternative to Zerion.

Explore Yields – Maximizing Asset Potential

In decentralized finance, merely holding assets isn’t the endgame. It’s about optimizing them for maximum returns. Our Explore Yields tool stands out in this regard.

Instead of scouring the internet or relying on scattered platforms, users have a consolidated hub where they can discover avenues to put their assets to work. Whether it’s staking, liquidity mining, or lending, the Explore dashboard showcases the best yield farming opportunities available. Its comprehensiveness is unparalleled. De.Fi presents yield opportunities not just from popular platforms but also from emerging ones, ensuring users don’t miss out on lucrative deals.

explore yields dashboard


While Zerion has been a useful tool for many venturing into decentralized finance, the space is evolving, and so are the needs of its users. De.Fi not only rises to the occasion but sets new benchmarks in terms of features, security, and user experience. Its advanced portfolio dashboard, expansive chain, and asset tracking, coupled with state-of-the-art security features, make it the best choice for those seeking a holistic platform.

In a landscape teeming with options, it’s essential to choose a platform that evolves with the times, offers unmatched features, and prioritizes user needs. In the quest for the perfect Zerion alternative, De.Fi emerges as not just a worthy contender but a clear winner.

Educating Yourself With De.Fi

De.Fi isn’t just a portfolio dashboard, it’s a treasure trove of information, designed to empower and protect every crypto enthusiast navigating this space. The commitment to fostering a well-informed crypto community is evident through various De.Fi education initiatives.

Audit and REKT Databases

The standouts in our education arsenal are our comprehensive audit database and REKT hack and scam database. Delving deep into the complex world of crypto, these databases are meticulously curated to ensure the crypto public remains protected against potential threats and pitfalls.

The audit database is a culmination of thorough research on various protocols, detailing their security measures, functionalities, and potential vulnerabilities. In a space where new platforms and tokens emerge daily, this database acts as a beacon, helping users discern trustworthy protocols from dubious ones. For those looking to have a new project audited, we also offer comprehensive smart contract auditing services.

The REKT database, on the other hand, is a repository of past mishaps and breaches within the crypto domain. By understanding what went wrong, users can better protect themselves against similar challenges in the future. This isn’t just a list; it’s a lesson in crypto history, emphasizing the importance of security and due diligence.

dedotfi rekt database graph


Educational Resources Galore

Our commitment to knowledge dissemination doesn’t end with databases. Our blog is updated with multiple new articles each week and covers a vast array of topics, from in-depth DeFi analysis to the latest crypto trends. Whether you’re a newbie seeking foundational knowledge or an expert keen on nuanced insights, it’s a must-read.

Social media enthusiasts are in for a treat with the dynamic De.Fi Twitter channels. The main De.Fi Twitter is dedicated to general De.Fi updates, while the De.Fi Security account keeps you notified on pressing crypto security news.

For those who prefer visual learning, our YouTube channel is a goldmine. From tutorials to expert discussions, users can delve deep into crypto and DeFi nuances, all while being engaged and entertained.

In the ever-evolving crypto world, staying updated is not just beneficial; it’s vital. De.Fi, with its multifaceted educational resources, ensures that you’re always a step ahead. For a holistic, well-rounded, and safe crypto journey, make sure to follow De.Fi on all channels. Let De.Fi be your guiding light in the decentralized finance universe.

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