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$100,000 Quest 2 is LIVE! Conquer DeFi and Claim Your Prize!

Table of Contents

Adventure Begins: Introduction to the Quest 2!

The epic $100,000 Quest 2 has begun! Sign up now and secure your place among the first participants. For 60 days, across 9 weeks, compete and climb the ranks in DeFi Quest.

Remember Quest 1? Quest 2 builds upon its legacy, offering even greater rewards, even more interesting tasks and better gamification, something our users were anticipating and waiting for a long time.

Complete ALL tasks and WIN BIG! The Quest tasks type will vary from newbie to DeFi Pro, but one thing is for sure, – the most consistent and dedicated participants – will be rewarded. 

DeFi Treasures & Rewards

Quest 2 offers a Total Pool of $100,000. 

Prize composition: $50,000 in $USDC + $50,000 in vested $DEFI tokens. The distribution will be announced in the end of the Quest.

Many Lucky Winners will be chosen, but only one will WIN the Top PRIZE! That could be You!

Guide Map to the Quest

  1. Signing Up

    To participate in a Quest, you need to have a Social Profile. If you already have it → you’re good, if no 👉 sign up one at:
  1.  How to Earn Points?

    We prepared a lot of interesting tasks, quizzes, tiers, and challenges that will define the best DeFi adventurers. 

Daily Tasks: 1/1 tasks. 150 Quest Points. Complete Quest’s Tasks daily to get More Points and increase your Level for a higher Prize!

Daily Bounties: show up every day to claim more XP, on a 5th day in a row, you’ll get a chance to spin a wheel of lottery and claim the MAXIMUM reward. 

Tiers: Level up as you earn points. With each new Tier, your chances of winning will increase.

Swap Score: On this journey, you’ll be able to earn additional points with, your swap score is computed based on your swapping activity during the past Quest week, and it resets every 7 days. 

Special Task: show off your membership of the De.Fi Army by adding “💙 De.Fi Army” to your name on X. Then just sit back and relax: you are now earning 100 points per day from this task.

Referral Score: You can also invite friends with your referral link to earn points from their swapping volume & other accomplishments!! The more referrals you have that will swap — the more points you receive.

Share it everywhere, for a fair and equal chance of winning up to $100,000.

Sometimes, even having a few friends will put you ahead of the game. 

Climb the Leaderboard and Claim Your Prize

Earn points and get into the ranking of the best participants! Remember to stay active and consistent, and you’ll be able to share the prize of up to $100,000!

Good Luck! 

Have any Questions?

Feel free to ask them in our live chat on, right bottom corner. And we will answer them!

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