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4.7M $DEFI Burned, Consensus 2024 Sponsorship, De.Fi World 2024 & MORE! – Late May Development Recap

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As we move into June, we want to share with you the major milestones we made in the final weeks of May. Our commitment to protecting and advancing the web3 and De.Fi Ecosystem remains unwavering as we continue to introduce innovations. Here’s a comprehensive recap of our recent achievements and updates.

De.Fi Sponsored Consensus 2024

In an unexpected, thrilling move, we took one of the spots on the stage at Consensus 2024 by sponsoring crypto influencers’ fights. This unique sponsorship not only shows our dedication to expanding the De.Fi Family, but also brings the community closer together. We’re curious to know which fight was your favorite?

Launched Burning Dashboard and Burned 4.7M DEFI tokens

Last week, we launched the DEFI burning dashboard, allowing you to track DEFI burnings. This feature provides transparency into the burning process, reinforcing our commitment to fostering the long-term growth of DEFI. To date, we’ve burned over 10M DEFI tokens, with a record-breaking 4.7M DEFI tokens burned in just the last two weeks. 

Stay updated on our burning transactions ->

De.Fi World 2024 + Covering Trips to Thailand

We are excited to announce De.Fi World 2024, set to be the largest web3 conference in Bangkok, Thailand. As part of this event, we are offering a unique opportunity for 15-20 De.Fiers to join our team in Bangkok. 

Selected participants will receive free flights, accommodation, and exclusive access to DeFi World 2024, including a VIP dinner. To participate, simply be an active De.Fier. This is your chance to experience web2 & web3 simultaneously with us!

Check the comprehensive guide on how you can win an opportunity to join us in Bangkok, Thailand on November 11th ->

Improved Accelerator Ranking System

During the last weeks, we have successfully raised funds for pioneering projects like Atomiq and Legion Ventures. You can participate in Public, Private, and even Seed raises! How to join these fantastic opportunities? 

Read about our updated Accelerator Ranks threshold:

Rank I: 20,000 AP

Rank II: 100,000 AP

Rank III: 200,000 AP

Rank IV: 1,000,000 AP

You can check the whole information on how the AP system works here ->

New Raises on De.Fi Accelerator

Our De.Fi Accelerator has seen significant progress, with new and exclusive raises. Highlights include the Seed Round of Atomiq, a project founded by former Tether and Bitfinex, and the exclusive round of Coral Finance, a Bitcoin Layer-2 Staking protocol with FDV x2 lower than public rounds! These opportunities are just the beginning, with even more exclusive raises lined up for June. Don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Check the whole list of raises ->

Last but not the least

In summary, the past two weeks have been marked by significant achievements for us. From sponsoring major event and launching innovative features to improving our ecosystem and offering exclusive opportunities. 

We’ve demonstrated our commitment to providing a cutting-edge experience for De.Fiers. See you on the other side of the defi revolution, De.Fiers!

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