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DeBank Alternative: Portfolio Dashboard + Antivirus

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In the ever-changing landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), users search for the most reliable and feature-packed platforms to track their portfolios. Finding a trustworthy solution is hard work because of these shifting tides. New chains, protocols, and tokens launch every day and prices are constantly fluctuating.

Some users may have come across the DeBank portfolio tracker, a go-to solution for many. While DeBank is a trustworthy and established platform that offers a range of functionalities, it may not fulfill every user’s needs, steering them towards finding a DeBank alternative.

In this article, we’ll cover DeBank’s product suite and why the De.Fi crypto portfolio dashboard presents itself as a viable alternative, with an overview of features, user education channels, and a guide to creating your profile.

What is DeBank?

DeBank has become a well-known name in the DeFi space, owing its fame to the diverse services it offers. As a crypto portfolio tracker, DeBank facilitates an enhanced visualization and management of one’s crypto assets across various chains, ensuring a level of security that many users find reassuring.

With a simple interface, DeBank allows individuals to track and interact with numerous DeFi protocols across a plethora of blockchains. Users can manage their assets and explore trading opportunities all in one place. It’s a tool designed to cater to both new and experienced enthusiasts by simplifying complex processes involved in day-to-day crypto investing.

However, every tool comes with its limitations. While DeBank proves to be efficient, some users might find themselves needing more advanced functionalities or seeking features that cater specifically to their financial navigation needs. Specifically, many modern crypto users are extremely worried about the prospects for honeypots and rug pulls when trading onchain. This has led to a rising interest in finding a DeBank website alternative that goes beyond a basic portfolio tracker and also offers industry-leading security features.

With this in mind, De.Fi emerges as a front-runner. Let’s delve deeper into De.Fi’s myriad features, exploring why it stands as the best portfolio manager alternative, facilitating a more enhanced and secure DeFi experience.

De.Fi: The Best DeBank Alternative

In the decentralized finance space where dynamicity is the norm, finding a platform that goes beyond mere tracking to offer a rich array of features is like hitting a goldmine.

As users grow more discerning in their choice of financial tools, De.Fi emerges as a premier DeBank alternative, presenting a formidable array of features that promise not only to meet but exceed the offerings of DeBank.

sample defi dashboard

De.Fi gives you everything you need to see your onchain activity at a glance

Extensive Chain and Asset Tracking

Distinguishing itself as a leader in the industry, De.Fi showcases a comprehensive approach to asset and chain tracking. Our Web3 SuperApp supports an extensive range of chains, encompassing popular choices alongside emerging promising options. This commitment to diversity ensures that individuals can tailor a rich and diverse portfolio, venturing into uncharted territories while remaining grounded with tried-and-true networks.

defi dashboard integrated blockchains

This mammoth array of choices positions De.Fi as a holistic DeBank alternative, offering users a panoramic view of the decentralized landscape, straight from a dashboard that is both intuitive and detail-oriented.

Comprehensive “Portfolio” and Historic “Transactions” Dashboards

The De.Fi “Portfolio” is a wonder in itself, presenting a meticulously designed dashboard that segments assets into clear categories: Wallet, Deposits, Claimable, and Lending. They come together to offer a rich view of your financial standing:

  • Wallet: Get a real-time snapshot of your available funds, providing an up-to-the-second view of your liquid assets.
  • Deposits: A detailed rundown of your staked assets across various protocols, aiding in insightful strategy formulation and asset management.
  • Claimable: A user favorite, this feature showcases awaiting rewards or airdrops that your wallets qualify for. Never miss out on opportunities that you may have previously overlooked.
  • Lending: Gain insights into loaned crypto assets, expected returns, and prevailing interest rates. A section designed to keep your lending ventures profitable and secure.

The historic “Transactions” dashboard retains a detailed log of all past activities, offering a comprehensive view whenever you wish to revisit your transaction history. This is especially helpful for tax-conscious users who want to meticulously track all activity for reporting purposes.

defi transaction history dashboard

Links within the Transactions report point you to official blockchain explorers for each chain

Robust Antivirus Features: Scanner and Shield

When it comes to security, De.Fi pulls no punches. We are the inventors of the crypto antivirus product suite and act as your personal financial bodyguards for DeFi.

Our suite is made of two equally powerful tools, Scanner and Shield. One covers you when you need to research a new asset to invest in, while the other double-checks to confirm that previous transactions did not leave your wallet vulnerable.

De.Fi Scanner

DeFi Scanner is the best free smart contract auditor in the industry. Plug in the address of any smart contract, token, or NFT and you’ll receive a full report analyzing the code and highlighting whether or not there are worrisome signs you should take note of.

defi scanner results page


With more and more users venturing towards the Wild West of onchain trading, having a crypto asset scanner within your DeFi dashboard of choice is a no-brainer. With De.Fi, you’ll only be a few clicks away from auditing any

De.Fi Shield

One of the most common ways that people get REKT in DeFi is by granting wallet permissions to malicious or poorly coded smart contracts. Shield is an all-in-one wallet permissions manager that defends you from falling victim to these exploits. Connect your DeFi wallet and get a report within seconds regarding potentially harmful vulnerabilities.

defi shield results


Once you’ve reviewed your custom report, we also allow you to revoke any suspect wallet permissions with a single click, drastically increasing your portfolio security. If you want true peace of mind for your crypto assets, there’s no reason to use a tracker that doesn’t have robust security measures such as these built-in.

Explore Yields: Harness the Potential of Your Assets

Tracking your assets and ensuring their security are cornerstones of any portfolio tracking. But at the end of the day, DeFi’s potential can only be captured by exploring the expanding universe of protocols that are pushing the limits of permissionless finance. This is where our Explore tool shines.

Explore’s “My Opportunities” tab scouts for opportunities that are tailored to your portfolio holdings, presenting avenues for yield farming, staking, and lending, thereby acting as a central hub of lucrative passive income opportunities. Find data for well-established platforms while also researching emerging new dapps to ensure that you don’t miss out on lucrative deals and the potential for high returns. This level of comprehensiveness, paired with ease of integration within the overall portfolio dashboard, makes it an unbeatable tool in your toolkit.

explore yields my opportunities tab


Through innovative solutions and a user-centric approach, De.Fi is not just a tool but a comprehensive ally in your DeFi journey, offering functionalities that are both advanced and attuned to evolving needs. Nowhere else can you track your holdings, get a security analysis, and research all the best yield farming opportunities available to you within the same app.

Educating Yourself With De.Fi

While we pride ourselves in the robust features of our DeFi app, there is only so much information that can be shared in within the portfolio tracker itself. This is where our comprehensive educational resources come into play, offering a treasure trove of insights and information to both novice and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. 

Highlighting our commitment to safeguarding the community, our most important educational resources are two in-depth research databases: Audit Database and REKT Database. The Audit database offers the largest database of crypto project audits, free to use. You’ll find detailed evaluations of thousands of protocols sourced via blockchain security experts that meet De.Fi’s due diligence and security standards.

Meanwhile, the REKT Database lets researchers bring forth a historical perspective on the issues that projects have faced in the past. The data is not isolated to DeFi either. You’ll find complete breakdowns of notorious centralized exchange exploits such as FTX and Mt. Gox as well.

rekt database dashboard

Learn the history of crypto’s biggest hacks and scams

Beyond security research, we are focused on fostering a community of well-rounded crypto experts. Our rich blog is updated with multiple new articles every week, covering a wide spectrum of topics from market analyses, airdrop strategies, technical guides, and coverage of the latest happenings in the space.

We also amplify educational outreach through social media. On X, we present real-time updates on DeFi trends via our main account and security news via De.Fi Security. On YouTube, our channel acts as a visual university where users can immerse themselves in interviews with industry experts, news coverage, and DeFi walkthroughs.

We encourage visitors to leverage these resources to the fullest, nurturing a path of continuous learning and safe exploration of the onchain universe.

Get Started Today

defi dashboard

In conclusion, De.Fi stands tall as the beacon of reliability, versatility, and educational prowess in the decentralized finance landscape. If you need a DeBank alternative that’s not just a portfolio tracker, but a comprehensive guide to all aspects of crypto, you’ve found your home. Make the switch today and steer your DeFi journey with unparalleled insight and control.

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