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New Listings, Seed and Private Raises, De.Fi World 2024 updates & MORE! – Early June Development Update

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As we reach mid-June, we’re excited to share with you the key milestones from the past few weeks. New listings, raises on De.Fi Accelerator, De.Fi World 2024 updates and more are waiting for you! Our dedication to bringing a new level of experience only grows with every day. 

Here’s an in-depth look at our most recent achievements and developments.

De.Fi Listing on Institutional Exchange in Partnership with Deutsche Bank

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for us and the whole De.Fi Family. The DEFI token has been successfully listed on the institutional exchange Bitpanda. Our partnership with Deutsche Bank makes this achievement even more noteworthy. This listing not only increases our visibility but also underscores our commitment to advancing the De.Fi Ecosystem.

Check out the announcement here ->

De.Fi World 2024: Tickets are Live! + Update on Winning a Free Trip

De.Fi World 2024 is set to be one of the largest conferences in Thailand, and we are excited to take De.Fi Family with us! We are looking for 15-20 De.Fiers to join our team at this spectacular event, with all costs covered!

Last week, we announced our first lucky winner through our social media. To ensure a fair and transparent selection process, we will now choose the next winners from those who fill out the form. Winners will be announced bi-weekly, so make sure to catch your chance to win a trip!

Fill out the form and fly with us to Thailand, Bangkok ->

De.Fi Accelerator: Meteorically Successful Raises of Stage & Udao

Over the past two weeks, our De.Fi Accelerator has seen meteoric success with multiple new raises. We’ve successfully raised the Seed Round for the Stage Community & Public Sale for Udao, thanks to the incredible participation and enthusiasm from you, De.Fiers! Stay tuned for more exciting projects on De.Fi Accelerator within the upcoming weeks!

Check the upcoming raises on De.Fi Accelerator here ->

Listen to Fresh AMA Recordings

To keep our De.Fi Family informed, we have conducted several AMA sessions recently. These recordings offer valuable insights into our latest developments, future plans, last crypto news and responses to community questions. Make sure to listen to these fresh AMA recordings to stay updated and connected with all the latest web3 news:

Partnership with The Graph Protocol

We are excited to announce our technical collaboration with The Graph Protocol! By integrating subgraphs powered by The Graph, we are enhancing our ecosystem’s usability and ensuring robust development. This partnership allows us to leverage decentralized infrastructure, providing more efficient and scalable solutions for De.Fiers and web3 community. Stay tuned for more updates as we further develop our SuperApp.

Check out the announcement of technical collaboration here ->

We won’t stop innovating crypto

We continue to develop and progress through the years. Our DEFI token is now listed on Bitpanda, in partnership with Deutsche Bank. We’ve launched ticket sales for De.Fi World 2024 and updated our process for selecting lucky winners for an all-expenses-paid trip to Thailand. Our Accelerator program has seen meteoric success with recent raises for Stage and Udao. Additionally, we’ve formed a technical collaboration with Graph Protocol to enhance our ecosystem’s usability and development. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to innovate in the web3 and Defi space!

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