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StarkNet Airdrop Guide: De.Fi Retrodrop Tasks

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StarkNet is a scalable Layer 2 Validity-Rollup for the Ethereum blockchain that uses STARK proofs to provide high throughput and low gas costs while retaining the security of ETH Layer 1.

As the demand for decentralized applications and DeFi platforms continues to surge, the need for innovative and scalable rollups on Ethereum is becoming more apparent than ever. StarkNet, developed by StarkWare, aims to address these challenges and revolutionize what is possible on blockchain networks.

Below are the official links for StarkNet online properties. Remember to always be vigilant when completing the StarkNet airdrop guide tasks listed below and to only use URLs for the official projects we have listed.

Many scammers will try to fake airdrop hunters by utilizing links for domains or social media accounts that look legitimate, but that will steal your funds if you connect your wallet and complete a transaction. Double and triple-check the sites you are using.

On our YouTube channel we are always producing new videos about potential crypto airdrops, and the StarkNet airdrop is one of the most requested topics. This blog will summarize our most informative videos on the topic, with step-by-step tasks you can complete to boost your chances of receiving a StarkNet retrodrop.

The 3 Best Airdrops on StarkNet (Step-by-Step Guide)

This video highlights some of the most prominent apps on StarkNet that you should consider using to boost your onchain activity. Engaging with any of these apps has the potential to increase a user’s chances of receiving a retrodrop.


JediSwap is the first DEX on StarkNet’s mainnet where users can perform swaps and provide liquidity like standard DeFi DEXs on other L1s. They offer a fully permissionless and composable AMM similar to Uniswap V2. We recommend both completing a swap and performing basic LP functions: is an onchain name service similar to Ethereum Name Service (ENS) but for StarkNet. Claiming your is an easy way to simplify tracking your StarkNet address while improving your airdrop odds:


ArgentX is the #1 wallet for users on StarkNet, with roughly 80% of onchain users utilizing their wallet. It is a browser wallet that is compatible with Google Chrome, Brave, and Firefox-based browsers. In the past, they have run NFT giveaways via their Argent Xplorer campaign, and we believe this is a great sign that they could potentially do something similar with their own token or in partnership with StarkNet:

Note, two of the apps above are interrelated. Users can double-dip between the ArgentX wallet and JediSwap by performing swaps directly within the ArgentX wallet. This is because the built-in swap feature of the wallet utilizes JediSwap liquidity pools. Doing your swaps this way increases the chances of qualifying for airdrops from both JediSwap and ArgentX if they launch tokens on StarkNet.

How to Get $5,000 StarkNet Airdrop (4 Projects to Interact)

In this video, we guide you through some additional StarkNet apps, each of which presents unique challenges and opportunities for obtaining potential airdrops.


Maybe the most obvious app to use if you want to set yourself up for a StarkNet airdrop is the official bridge, StarkGate. StarkGate allows you to deposit assets onto StartkNet from a huge variety of source chains. You can even make deposits via exchanges or a standard bank payment card:


StarkDefi considers themselves to be the first “permissionless and trustless hub of comprehensive DeFi solutions on Starknet”. They currently only operate on testnet but mainnet functionality should be coming soon:

Carmine Finance

Carmine Finance is a derivatives platform on StarkNet where users can go long or short on calls/puts based on the prices of their favorite onchain assets:


10kSwap is a mainnet StarkNet app where users can use the Stark Gate Bridge to transfer assets from other chains to StarkNet and participate in liquidity pools and trades:

CONFIRMED Airdrop from (Step-by-Step Guide)

Note: The task above is no longer active according to the team. However, we recommend following them on Twitter to continue to receive notifications around potential StarkNet airdrop tasks.

For this task, users needed a “.stark” domain name. These names can be minted on mainnet using the app. The cost is around 0.02 ETH for a one-year domain.

This airdrop mini-game challenge was run by and Everai. Users could play the game on after setting up their Stark domain and connecting to the StarkNet chain.

The game was available for three weeks and gave users time to participate in the potential for a $12,000 prize airdrop. It also awarded collectible NFTs to accounts based on their performance within the game.

Staying Safe While Airdrop Hunting

While airdrops can be hugely promising if you capitalize on the right opportunities, it’s also essential that you avoid projects that could leave your portfolio REKT via hacks and scams.

With this in mind, our superpowered DeFi dashboard offers helpful tools to keep you safe. Scanner, our free smart contract audit tool, functions as an instant intelligent evaluation. Users can quickly and effortlessly assess the safety of smart contracts across a wide range of EVM chains.

We also offer Shield, a tool to monitor and revoke crypto wallet permissions. It automatically scans your wallets for high risk tokens/NFTs/approvals and notifies you in case there are any.

Make sure to follow our De.Fi Security account on Twitter as well to stay up-to-date on breaking DeFi exploits. Your Starknet airdrop rewards are only as valuable as the security you use to protect them. Stay vigilant and protect your gains!

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