Guide to Crypto Airdrops: How to Farm Retrodrops

Neither HODLing nor yield farming has generated good returns for the average DeFi investor in recent months. Thus, much attention has shifted to the new narrative surrounding airdrops, as a way to profit even in a downwards and sideways market.

ZetaChain Airdrop Guide: Retrodrop Qualification Tasks

ZetaChain testnet is live and users of the protocol can potentially qualify for one of the biggest crypto airdrops of the year. In this blog, we’ll explain what ZetaChain is and what you can do to get the $ZETA airdrop.

StarkNet Airdrop Guide: De.Fi Retrodrop Tasks

StarkNet is a scalable Layer 2 Validity-Rollup for the Ethereum blockchain that uses STARK proofs to provide high throughput and low gas costs while retaining the security of ETH Layer 1.

Coinbase Base Blockchain Airdrop Guide

Base is an EVM-compatible chain backed by Coinbase and built on the Optimism stack. During the development of Base, Coinbase collaborated with prominent DeFi protocols, lending dapps, NFTs, bridges, stablecoins, gaming projects, and more.

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