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Taiko Airdrop Guide: Retrodrop Task List

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Taiko’s testnet is live and users of the protocol can potentially qualify for one of the biggest crypto airdrops of the year. In this blog, we’ll explain what Taiko is and what you can do to get the $TAIKO airdrop.

What is Taiko?

Taiko is a Type 1 Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup, which means it’s an Ethereum-equivalent solution to crypto’s ongoing scaling issues. Anything that works on Ethereum should be able to deploy onto Taiko and function correctly.

The company has recently launched their fourth testent, Eldfell L3, indicating continued development and increasing odds of a pending mainnet launch. You can learn more about their technical progress via this helpful thread:

While Taiko has not received as much attention as many other competitors in the crowded rollup landscape, their tech appears to be quality and industry analysts are beginning to take note:

Below are the official links for Taiko online properties. Remember to always be vigilant when completing the Taiko airdrop guide tasks listed below and to only use URLs for the official projects we have listed.

Taiko Airdrop Tasks

The video above from our YouTube channel outlines the key tasks you can complete to help you qualify for a potential Taiko airdrop. Here are the steps for qualification:

Participate in Taiko Galxe Campaign

Taiko’s Galxe page already has over 158,000 followers. To participate, users need to go to the Get Started with Taiko campaign and sign in using a DeFi wallet. The Quest involves completing various social tasks, such as joining the Taiko Discord server and verifying one’s membership, following Taiko on Twitter, and retweeting the Taiko Quest tweet. There are a total of 9 tasks to complete, including visiting various blog posts and completing quizzes.

taiko galxe quest page

Taiko has also hinted at future quests that will involve on-chain transactions which will be listed on Galxe. We highly recommend being active on their various social profiles and to follow De.Fi on YouTube as this is the best way to get the latest airdrop news.

Add Taiko to MetaMask

Taiko makes it easy to prepare for bridging to Taiko with a docs page that lists the relevant networks you will need to add to MetaMask. Simply visit their page and click the pink buttons to trigger a network addition via your wallet:

taiko testnet rpc button

Docs page for RPCs can be found here:

Bridge to Taiko Testnet

After adding the relevant networks to your DeFi wallet you’ll want to head to the Taiko Bridge:

taiko bridge screenshot

You’ll need some Sepolia testnet ETH which can be obtained via the following faucets:

After you have Sepolia ETH confirm the transactions within the bridge. After confirming the transaction, you will need to claim the bridged tokens and wait for it to process (this could take a few hours). Users can also claim specific tokens on the Sepolia testnet from the Taiko faucet and bridge those across. We recommend bridging both ETH and these specific test tokens.

taiko bull token to bridge for airdrop

Transacting on Taiko Testnet

Beyond the bridge, there are a number of apps that are live on the Taiko testnet listed under the ecosystem page: This includes the official Taiko testnet DEX where users can swap and provide liquidity:

taiko testnet dex

We recommend browsing the ecosystem and trying apps that you feel comfortable with to give yourself the best odds of receiving a potential retrodrop.

Staying Safe While Airdrop Hunting

While airdrops can be hugely promising if you capitalize on the right opportunities, it’s also essential that you avoid projects that could leave your portfolio REKT via hacks and scams.

With this in mind, our superpowered DeFi dashboard offers helpful tools to keep you safe. Scanner, our free smart contract audit tool, functions as an instant intelligent evaluation. Users can quickly and effortlessly assess the safety of smart contracts across a wide range of EVM chains.

We also offer Shield, a tool to monitor and revoke crypto wallet permissions. It automatically scans your wallets for high risk tokens/NFTs/approvals and notifies you in case there are any.

Make sure to follow our De.Fi Security account on Twitter as well to stay up-to-date on breaking DeFi exploits. Your Taiko airdrop rewards are only as valuable as the security you use to protect them. Stay vigilant and protect your gains!

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