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ZetaChain Airdrop Guide: Retrodrop Qualification Tasks

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ZetaChain testnet is live and users of the protocol can potentially qualify for one of the biggest crypto airdrops of the year. In this blog, we’ll explain what ZetaChain is and what you can do to get the $ZETA airdrop.

What Is ZetaChain?

ZetaChain is a layer 1 blockchain that is touted as having built-in connectivity to all blockchains and their applications. The ZetaChain website describes it as such: “Build interoperable dApps that span any chain including Bitcoin; access all chains from one place.”

They also state that “ZetaChain is the only public, decentralized blockchain and smart contract platform that enables message passing and value transfer between any blockchain, including non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. No other blockchain enables fully interoperable smart contracts like we do.”

One of its main benefits is that it enables omnichain decentralized applications (odApps), which are able to access and use information and liquidity from multiple blockchains simultaneously. The chain is relatively new with a whitepaper published in February 2023, but it has a growing ecosystem:

Qualifying for the ZetaChain Airdrop

In the videos below we outline some of the best ways to prepare and situate yourself for a potentially lucrative ZetaChain airdrop. Follow the steps and keep an eye on our YouTube channel because we make new videos when any fresh information surfaces about opportunities on ZetaChain.

Below are the official links for ZetaChain online properties. Remember to always be vigilant when completing the ZetaChain airdrop guide tasks listed below and to only use URLs for the official projects we have listed.

This video outlines the basic instructions for improving your odds of obtaining a Zeta retrodrop:

Acquire Testnet ZETA Tokens

You can request testnet tokens once a day to use for ZetaLabs transactions via this URL

testnet zeta requirements

You can request once every 48 hours, but you should note that your Twitter account must be over 1 month old.

ZetaLabs Cross-Chain Swap

There is currently a ZetaChain swap site that is live on testnet that can be assessed at

zetaswap UI

Four different testnets are available to practice swapping functionality. To maximize potential airdrop returns, consider swapping across all available testnets:

available zetachain testnets

Earn ZETA Points

Users can also receive ZETA points by connecting their Twitter account with their ZetaChain wallet and referring new users to the chain:

zetachain referral promo information

For every person invited, both parties receive a boost of 5,000 ZETA points. Furthermore, every time a party you invited performs a weekly transaction, you’ll earn 1,750 points. Referring others is more likely to earn more points than doing swaps. While there is no guarantee that maximizing ZETA points will lead to higher airdrop rewards, we believe that putting in the time to earn them will likely increase your odds of a retrodrop success.

Advanced Airdrop Tasks on ZetaChain

This video outlines some of the more advanced tasks users can tackle to improve their odds of receiving an airdrop:

ZetaChain Galxe Quest

ZetaChain has a Galxe Quests page with custom tasks. The campaign can be found here:

zeta galxe description

Campaign tasks include connecting social media accounts, making specific cross-chain swaps, and completing educational quizzes.

Use TowerSwap

TowerSwap is the first independent DEX on ZetaChain and will be launching an NFT marketplace shortly. You can find their site here:

towerswap homepage screenshot

It’s a standard DEX that gives you the ability to complete swaps or try yield farming by providing liquidity with testnet ZetaChain tokens. There’s even a chance that TowerSwap may complete an airdrop of their own in the future.

Staying Safe While Airdrop Hunting

While airdrops can be hugely promising if you capitalize on the right opportunities, it’s also essential that you avoid projects that could leave your portfolio REKT via hacks and scams.

With this in mind, our superpowered DeFi dashboard offers helpful tools to keep you safe. Scanner, our free smart contract audit tool, functions as an instant intelligent evaluation. Users can quickly and effortlessly assess the safety of smart contracts across a wide range of EVM chains.

We also offer Shield, a tool to monitor and revoke crypto wallet permissions. It automatically scans your wallets for high risk tokens/NFTs/approvals and notifies you in case there are any.

Make sure to follow our De.Fi Security account on Twitter as well to stay up-to-date on breaking DeFi exploits. Your ZetaChain airdrop rewards are only as valuable as the security you use to protect them. Stay vigilant and protect your gains!

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