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Introducing the World’s First Web Archive of Smart Contract Audits

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One of our main goals of our superpowered crypto portfolio tracker is to keep our users safe from DeFi hacks and phishing scams while they explore and benefit from the innovative world of decentralized finance.

That’s exactly why we’re announcing the release of our archive of smart contract audits today. The team has been working hard on this project for several months now and this is the fruit of our labor given back to the DeFi community. It includes:

  • 2000 projects audited
  • 1400+ partner audits
  • 50+ audits done by De.Fi

Why develop a smart contract archive?

As users become more and more interested in buying digital assets, they also start to use a range of decentralized platforms and services. De.Fi has developed the Open Audits Archive so users can verify projects either by scanning for existing security issues or by downloading security reports provided by multiple companies. Use our archive to avoid risky projects and keep your crypto bull run gains secure.

How to access the archive

Everyone can access the database. Additionally, in the future, you can connect your DeFi wallet such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, Authereum, or Torus to get access to additional features. Stay tuned!

How to navigate the archive

All companies that provide security reports have their own verification methodologies, which significantly increase the chance of locating a vulnerability. You should go through a couple of reports that indicate problems to familiarise yourself with the details behind a specific smart contract issue.

Reports can be easily downloaded from the corresponding section, right under the name of the project. In all situations, you should read the reports, since a short evaluation of the number of existing security issues won’t give a complete picture.

Soon we are planning to implement a trust score for every project listed in the Archive.

Users can also find projects by applying filters, choosing specific chains, or entering the project’s name in the search bar.

To filter projects by chain, simply click on the chain’s dropdown menu. Currently, the Smart Contracts Archive supports 10 chains. We are planning to add support for more blockchains in the next release.

If you know a specific auditor whose reports you want to access, you can find them using the corresponding filters in the Auditors dropdown menu.

It’s important to note that users or even companies that have a specific product can request an audit by clicking on the ‘Request audit’ button. De.Fi will perform this audit after a specific number of users support the initiative to review a project.

We also offer free smart contract audits via our scanner tool.

Access Archive via API

Companies can request an API access page and the corresponding authorization token that will be used to perform API requests from De.Fi. At the moment, users who have requested this get access to Audit Lists and Audits By Token Addresses. You can learn more about our API at our Github page.

To register for the API, please contact our team via Telegram (@dedotfi) and request further details.

De.Fi will continue working in this domain to ensure high-security standards across the whole DeFi space. We care about the future of decentralized finance and are also planning to release specific software for this purpose, which will answer a range of problems that cannot be solved with the current global approach.

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Good luck in farming!

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